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Gin, the mineral sea/salt is vital to replace your electrolytes your flushing out with all (including water) that you drink. You also need to make sure along with the other supplements suggested that you take a good quality kelp for iodine. This will keep the thyroid functioning. I didn't want to give you too much info. to swallow. Some times people get discouraged if too much info is givin. You sound like you can handle the whole ball of wax.
This may turn out to be a long post, I'm going to look up a few things for you in my water manuel.

First off, alcohol will suppress the secretion of vasopressin from the pituitary gland. Lack of vasopressin in circulation will translate to general dehydration of the body-even in the brain cells. When this happens to the brain it will translate to a very severe drought in the "sensitive cells" of the brain. To cope with this "stress," more of the various hormones are secreted, including the body's own addictive 'endorphins'.

Prolonged use of alcohol may be instrumental in promoting addictive tendencies to endorphin secretion in the body--triggering the secretion of excess endorphins. Women,because of their natural tendencies to increased endorphin production to cope with childbirth and their monthly cycle, seem to become addicted to alcohol more readily than men. Women become addicted in aprox. 3yrs, compared to mens 7yrs.

The vasopressin receptor is naturally designed to keep the waterways in the nerve systems fully topped-up. Naturally, in dehydration of the nerve system, the energy and ability to do this work are drastically reduced.

In severe dehydration, produced by the habitual intake of alcohol and caffine, when water has to be urgently pumped into the "waterways" in the nerves, more blood circulation has to be brought alongside the nerves. The process will involve the release of hisamine from the cells in the lining that cover the nerves. This will, at some point, cause an inflammatory situation that will eventually damage the lining of the nerves in the vicinity--at a faster pace than can be repaired. The outward manifestations of such a 'regional' process have been labeled as different nerve disorders, including ones like MS(multiple sclerosis) With proper rehydration along with some keys supplements these disorders can be corrected or prevented.

Gin, since you don't have a great intake of foods, you'll need to take a good supplement daily, and in addition to that you need to replace eletrolytes and clean out the liver.

I told you at the beggining of this post that I know a girl that drinks alot of beer too..way too much for many years. This is what I recommend she do....she is doing this and has seen results for the cravings, sleeplessnes, dry skin, shakes, yellow eyes, itching, panic attacks,appitite, and energy. Its taken some doing, she's been at it about 3months and has been feeling alot better. She's cut WAY down on the beers, and craves the water and the sea/salt now. You sound like your ready to try to move forward with this, I hope so for your sake. I don't even know you but I care what happens to you...strange, the more I read your posts the more I want to help.

Here's is what she's doing....Daily.
Daily vitamin.
Kelp (good quality)
Calcium and magnesium, before bedtime hours.
Potassium, if she didn't get any in a food source that day.Like a banana or potatoes, orange juice(just one glass)
Milk Thistle,250mg of with 80% of silymarin content.
1/4 teas. of a good mineral sea/salt am and pm. The kind I bought her is Redmond sea/salt. She also will use a touch of this on her tongue with a glass of water, when any of her symtoms appear. Like itching from her hep-c, or panic attacks..etc.
For you the B-vit. complex would be great for the nerves since you don't eat very much. Vit-c increases your appitite also.

In between the beers she drinks which is down to 3or4, 2 or 3 times a week, she drinks a cup and a half of water with just a touch of sea/salt on the tip of her tongue. She carries a vile of sea/salt in her purse. A 35mm camera container would work if you have one.

The swelling I was talking about can sometimes happen, you'll notice it in the hands or the feet the most. Just cut back on the salt till it disapears. Then increase it again.

The sea/salt will help replace some electrolytes and it also opens the blood vessels, and sends a message to the body that it just received a large amount of water, and allows the vessels to relax and pump it through the system more efficently.

Hope you can try this, and keep at it. It should help with the withdrawls.

Remember to eat alittle something with the daily vitamin.

I'll try and check back again soon in case you have any more questions.
Take care...sorry to hear about the creep that attacked you....hope they ring his neck....

Maybe you can convince your boyfriend to do this with you...that would really be great. Hard to quit if someones always around you drinking.
Diana :) :wave:

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