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OH the restless tingly arms, hands legs etc are the worst!!! I know that my biological father said when he came off Methadone he couldn't sleep normally for 6 months but he was on it alot longer than you. I have used Methadone short term like 5 days at a time to help withdrawal from oxycontin and percocet and was on it once for 5 months for chronic pain and it is hard to get off of but it is possible and one day soon you are going wake up and be amazed at your natural energy, that day sometimes takes a few months but you are already almost there, I know that day is coming soon for you! I know that the weakness is deffinately part of withdrawal. It is awful! I would sit on the couch and my brain would say "ok let's get up and do the dishes" then I would stand up and my body just couldn't do it. The weakness and the restless body parts were also my worst symptoms. All I can say is that you have come a long way already and I know it won't be much longer for you. Take the vitamins and as hard as it is being so weak, try to get some excercise, it helps as all those nerves that are coming back to life in your body and driving you crazy need to be used. Is it like when you finally try to lay down and relax your body, you feel energy in places and are forced to move those parts? Like legs etc? I know that is why I could not sleep too although really a big part of withdrawal is insomnia anyway because once my legs stopped doing that I thought I woudl sleep and still couldn't which is amazing because I always feel so damn tired. One thing you can try and it might sound weird but try putting icy hot on the body parts that are shaking, for some reason the the hot feeling of that seems to help them not feel so shakey. Good Luck to you, you are doing a great job and congrats on your negative tests, you made it out LUCKY some are not so lucky. You have a new chance at life and life really is wonderful once we get used to doing it without opiates. It takes a while to get used to feeling normal but normal is really all it is cracked up to be, like when we were kids and felt good everyday with no drugs. That really comes back if you give it enough time. Your time is SOON I promise!

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