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Hi Ajota

Nice to meet you. Hope you find some answers and support here. :-)

I have weaned off a benzo... I was on Xanax .5 mg 3-4 tabs a day for years.

When I read your post, I remembered taking Magnesium during the process, but could not remember exactly why. I searches back through some of old posts and found one where I am responding to a question. Here it is:

[COLOR="Blue"]Re: Any help/advice for Klonopin Withdrawal Headaches?Jul 12, 2007Hello Navy Mom

I found out, by accident, that MAGNESIUM, helps with the headaches. I started taking magnesium to help with nerve damage and with the restless legs during detox from opiate painkillers. Found that it helped greatly with the headaches when I next tapered off Xanax, a benzo like klonopin.

I also had the killer headaches when coming off Xanax. They are tough and I am sorry they are hurting so much. I did not work during my tapers and can not imagine how you are doing it! Anyway, I just did a quick boolean search .. magnesium AND headaches...and it turned up many, many sites that speak directly to magnesium as an aid to all kinds of headaches. Surprise me! Sure hope you can find it helpful for you. I take one 250mg tab per day at this point, but during the taper, there were days I took a tab midmorning and a tab mid evening[/COLOR].

I will tell you that eventually I had to stop because I was having too much loose bowels and the Magnesium was a component of the problem.

And yes, Friend, it is hard to convey to anyone who hasn't experienced it just how difficult a benzo withdrawal is. Take it sloooowwwww, very, very slow. I used the 10% rule when getting off the Xanax (good for any benzo withdrawal). Cut only 10% of one dose at a time. Stay put for 10-14 days, or until you feel level enough to make a 10% cut from another dose. At times, pills will have to be smashed and a dose measured by eye. Save any crumbs for use in another dose. It is a pain at first, but as we go along, it becomes pretty routine.

Let us know how things are going.


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