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OK, here goes.............When I drink, my DOC (drink of choice) is vodka straight. (Ketel 1, or SKyy only.) My situation is this: When there is alcohol other than vodka in the house, I don't even give it a second thought. However, when there is vodka in the house, it's always in the back of my mind,waiting till I give in and do a shot or two. Weekends for the past year have been spent with my hubby and I going through one of those 1.75 liter bottles between Friday 10pm- Sunday. I know that's a lot, and it has caused other problems in our life as well. I know it has become a problem for both of us. This week and past weekend has been vodka-less, though. We finally decided it was time to give it up for the sake of our 3 kids.

My question is this: With binge drinking, is it unusual to only do it with one particular form of alcohol? I haven't fond too much info on binging, other than how it affects college students. (I'm 37)
Anything other than vodka can sit there and rot for ages, but the vodka gets inhaled. I've read that it's because of carb cravings, but then why not any other type?

ALso, what is this "Detox" I've read on this BB about? Is it a supplement? I've heard of Antabuse, but you need a prescription for that.

Thanks for any input...I appreciate any comments.

Good morning Sue,

I applaud you and your husbands decision. Your children will ever be so thankful to you all for quitting.

My DOC was beer or wine. I'd let vodka, whiskey, rum, etc sit and rot. Wouldn't touch them. I only drank wine at home because I would get so drunk I couldn't function in public but I drink gallons of beer and maintain most of the night. I also primarily drank on weekends. Might have a few throughout the week but I got drunk on weekends. Not an attractive site.

I'v been sober for a year and half and let me tell you my life has never been better. I realize now that I didn't need the alcohol, I just thought I did.

I don't know anything about "Detox" but I know some in recovery that used Antibuse. I didn't use anything but God. Actually, wasn't even offered anything. I have heard that Kudza (kud-zoo)tea is a natural form of Anitbuse. I was going to try that but got though it without.

I wish you the very best and please do whatever it takes to stop. We will be here to support you.

Take care,

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Congratulations on making it thru one weekend, I figure every time I want to drink and don't, that is an accomplishment.

I think most people have one or two drinks that they binge on. For me, it's beer. There is plenty or other hard liquor at my house, but I would even thinking of touching it. But bring a case of beer in the door and it will be gone before you know it. Last week there was leftover been in the fridge and it just TORTURED me, knowing it was in there. I ended up drinking it this weekend, and so far this week I've had an easier time not thinking about it. So definately keep the vodka OUT of the house.

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