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Hang tough, you're almost there!!!The sleeplessness does get better.In detox, they give you Ambien for sleep, but I'm thinking since you're already taking it, it probably does little more than take the edge off your withdrawal.When I would try to detox at home, the Ambien wouldn't put me to sleep, but when I was in the hospital, they put me on Catapress,tranxene(like Valium) Bentyl,Quinine and then Ambien, and it worked.Even though it sounds like spit in the ocean, melatonin might help relax you also,but get the 3mg.It may not put you to sleep, but I found it took the edge off, and sometimes I would eventually fall asleep.At times I would even take two 3mg, but that was me,and it did help.You can start with just the 3mg, and see how it is for you. When someone told me to try it, I didn't think it would work for me because I had such a high tolerance,but it actually did have an effect.I, too was taking outrageously high doses of opiates,and my tolerance was out of this world, so I do know where your at.But 5 days? You're almost home free.Another thing I did, even when I was in the hospital, was take super hot baths, especially when I got the chills and shakes.Surprisingly, they did help and had more therapeutic value than I thought they would.This is tough for you to do this at home, and you might consider contacting one of your doctors and being honest with them.It's a difficult step to take, but if you did and got some meds to help ease the withdrawal,you'd probably feel like you had the world lifted off your shoulders.I found that the Catapress, even though it really is just a blood pressure med, really reduced the withdrawal symptoms dramatically.Once again, that was just me,everybody is different(but I stand behind it,because I felt like if I would of had it at home, I would of been able to detox at home).Catapress is also called Clonidine if you didn't know already, and it's something you could ask your doctor about if you should decide to call.But I really think you're getting near the end of withdrawal,and you've come this far,so STAY STRONG!!It must of been a real kick in the butt to have your daughter catch you, I know that feeling, too, and I was totally disgusted with myself.What a reality check. Speaking of reality, when I finally came back to it, I found that it wasn't so bad, and I was much stronger clean than I was when I was under the influence of about 45 Ultrams and 30 vicodenES's.Oh, just a suggestion, I've also been loading myself up with B-complex(liquid, sublingual best route)to help get my nervous system back on track so it can start producing Seretonin again(at least somewhat)and I am also taking the anti-depressant Amitryptiline(Elavil).Really helps me sleep at night,too.I've also thrown in some L-Tyrosine(helps increase those happy chemicals,too) and D,L Phenylalinine(does same thing).But I also stay concious of the fact that I'm taking a prescribed antidepressant,and watch for any potential interactions or side effects.So far, no problem.I hope you hang in there,and I really do think it would be great if you got some help from a doctor, because sometimes it can be dangerous stopping all that cold turkey.Plus the honesty ends up feeling really great!!!It's definitely going to take a while to get sleep patterns back to normal, but it is so worth it. (Wow, I never thought I would ever say that),the sense of freedom you get is awesome.Keep praying,take extra care of yoursself during this period, and you will make it.Have faith in yoursself and God,and when this burden is lifted,your potential will be unlimited.Keep posting,keep going to meetings,keep going to church,and you will find the strength you need to beat this demon!!!Keep us posted with your progress, because you're also an inspiration for others trying to fight this disease alone!!I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and look forward to hearing from you again.God Bless...

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