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I am trying to quit my hydrocodone habit. It started 8 months ago with a script for tussionex for bronchitis...found I liked the high and found other forms of the drug. Began taking "normal" amounts of lortab and/or norco, but built up to taking 30-35 mg every 2 1/2 hrs. I quit cold turkey 19 days ago, although I did go the ER on day 3 because for 48 hours straight I threw up every 20 minutes on the dot, and was certain I was dying. It was beyond nausea...I was in the worst pain of my life (worse than childbirth!) simply from the physical torture of throwing up so much. Anyway, since I didn't tell them about my drug problem, they gave me a shot of morphine for the pain. I guess that probably prolonged my physical withdrawal, and so it took me a total of 6 days just to stop throwing up. I can't tell anyone what is going on, and I guess I am wanting some reassurance that what I have gone through/am going through is normal and isn't going to kill me! The near death experience of withdrawal has scared me enough that I can't imagine ever being "stupid" enough to start using again, and honestly, I haven't had any strong cravings for the drug. And this worries me because everything I have read suggests that the emotional withdrawal and cravings are much more difficult to deal with than the initial physical withdrawal. I can't say that I feel fine...I believe I am suffering from severe depression and feel incapable of doing simple things like the dishes or taking my kid to the park. I cry at the drop of a hat, and generally feel pretty useless, unwanted, insufficient and lost. But no severe drug cravings. Any feedback would be great...also along the physical line, my legs are very restless all the time, to the point of being painful at night, and I am always extremely cold. I have NEVER had that problem before, in fact, I am the type to run the air conditioner when it is 60 degrees outside! But no amount of blankets and sweaters seems to warm me up sufficiently. Thanks for listening.

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