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Thought I'd way in here, you are taking tramadol, about a 1:20 ratio of potency of oxycodone, if you are taking say 20/25 mg tabs a day that is around 500 mgs, so in comparison that is about 25 mgs, of oxy, a day.

That is enough to cause acute withdrawal, and since it is taken in small amounts at several intervals, you are rollercoastering.

You also have the anti depressant ingredient that is very addictive. You might be wondering how to deal with all the physical anxiety that is happening, I would imagine, countless times a day.

I am tapering from a 200 mg habit of oxy a day, that would be in opiate comparison to your approximate ratio of 25 mgs.

In less than 2 weeks, I am at about 40 mgs daily, from a taper.

My saving grace has been clonidine, it suppresses your bodies fight or flight response, in other words, those anxious feelings you're getting when you haven't had your tramadol. It also suppresses, the itchy skin, hot and cold flashes, and makes you sleepy.

Warning! It is a blood pressure medicine, and if you have blood pressure issues it is an absolute no no, but a lot of people don't realize that most of the acute withdrawal symptoms of opiate withdrawal come from increased blood pressure, when your body doesn't get it's usual dose of self administered opioids, it moves into "fight or flight" mode, and is the reason during acute withdrawal that every 5 seconds you have a mood change.

Consult your doctor about this, I guaranty they will help you out as long as you aren't suffering any chronic blood pressure issues.

I am currently using 2 doses of .075 mgs a day ( half of what is considered to be the standard .3 mgs a day for acute opiate withdrawal.

My oxy habit would by opioid standards would equate to 160 tramadols, with the use of clonidine, at my present taper my oxy intake compares to 32 trams.

This is not habit forming, but it can create rebound hypertension which is why I only use half of what is recommended, but if its helped my get from the equivalent of 160 tram to 32, in 10 days it might work for you. Imodium, also mimics opioids in the stomach and are great for controlling that "butterfly" carnival ride anxiety you are probably having in your stomach.

The anti depressant profile, of tramadol is terribly underplayed by physicians sometimes not even mentioning that aspect to patients when it's prescribed, if you do use this information you might want to look into a weak benzo, while you are tapering off tramadol, I am using 1.5 mgs, that is a very low dosage but should be effective in replacing the anti depressant aspect of the tramadol. Be warned that a 5 or 10 mg Valium might just create a new addiction.

All these substitutes I've mentioned are conservative doses, tramadol is considered to be a synthesized opiate, DO NOT substitute this for ANY other opioid as it is the bottom of the ladder, and any other substitute opioid will only make the dependence worse.

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