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Re: Suboxone help
May 5, 2014
Hi yellowjacket,

I was on the Sub for pain, not for addiction, and I was only on it for a bit over 2 months and when it didn't work out due to side effects, my pain management doc transitioned me back on to opiates for my chronic pain. Because I was replacing the Sub with another narcotic, I only had mild withdrawal symptoms for about 2-3 days, until the buprenorphine (which blocks other opiates) was enough out of my system for the morphine to kick in and treat my pain.
From the research I have done about Suboxone, I can tell you that if you have been on it for more than a few months, it can be very difficult to come off of, but not impossible. A slow taper will probably work best. I would suggest that you talk to your doc who prescribes your Sub, s/he can hopefully tell you what to expect and guide you through the process.
Best wishes and God bless you as you decide what to do.

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