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[QUOTE=BellaLynn52;5339311]Hey oxygirl. :angel:
we seem to have a very similar story. I have legitimate pain from a car accident and multiple hip surgeries (secondary to the accident) .
So after 20 years of sobriety with no meds or anything, I had surgery in 2010 and it's been a nightmare of oxys, methadone and now subs. I want to stop but I still have pain. But before I had surgery in 2010 I had some pain too but just tolerated it. Now I think I am so attached to the medication that I have a very difficult time letting it go. Or maybe my pain is worse because I'm older and I have had three surgeries since then, I don't know.
So now I have to work on getting off of the subs. I do know that -for me-the least amount of medication and obtaining them through my own legitimate doctor (well, my sub doctor) is the best option if I am still taking subs. I know control is not an option for me as far as tapering, etc. But I would like to find a good kick kit and just stop. Until then, I am down to 8 mg/day but I struggle to not take any extra. It sucks, it takes forever and it's frustrating. But I can't give up and each day is another opportunity to try again.
I pray alot, go to aa, and keep one doctor and try to be as honest as I can for that day. I have seen my life improve alot since then, even if I'm not off the subs yet.
I'm just doing the best that I can. Take care and keep us posted on your progress.[/QUOTE]

you right about the being older part.....everything hurts say you are down to 8mg a day? that is one strip? i tapered the subs down to about 1/2 a day and then i couldn't get anymore.....i managed to find some norcos and went from 3 originally down to 2 mg tens and now am taking 5mg twice a day...i feel very good about my progress but am hurting so bad i just want to scream. i can take 3 advil twice a day between the norcos well actually with the norcos.....i am trying to lose some weight...i am about 30 pounds or so over what i need to be. i have to find some non narcotic pain relief somehow because the narcotics just add to my trouble....pain and then pain from building up a tolerance and needing more.....which leads to withdrawl symptoms between doses even. i have noticed that the oxycodone is way more addictive to me than the hydrocodone in the norcos....those roxis.....i think are awful

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