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I was taking percocet 5mg/325mg for about 2 years off and on my doc wasnt happy with all that tylenol and put me on oxycontin 20mg 2 X a day its a 12 hour time release with no tylenol. He gave me the percocet for breakthrough and the Dilaudid one at bedtime. I am presently being tested for kidney problems and it was probably the tylenol as well I had an IVP done friday and I will probably know tues or wed whats wrong. Your doc cant leave you without pain meds and if you ask me he should have had you on oxycontin or dilaudid long time ago. I wish you the best.

TMJD...12 years
Anxiety/Panic Attacks (cured I hope)
Total Abdominal Hysterectomy Ovaries left intact due to endometrial bleeding after miscarriage (2002)
Hernia Repair(1998)
Apendectomy (infected) 1988
Just Dx with multiple ovarian cysts..having C-125 test done for possible malignancy.
21 year old daughter born with Mullerian Aplasia.
18 yr old daughter bulimia survivor.
Pain Management- Oxycontin 20mg twice a day..Percocet for bt. 2 mg Dilaudid at bedtime.
" Wishing all a pain free day"

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