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Re: Lortab 10 ?
Feb 9, 2003
I agree with Karlof and Backdraft...Addiction to me is taking anything for reasons other than killing your pain. Sure your body develops a tolerance and becomes dependant on the meds but that does not make a person an addict. I am presently taking 20mg Oxycontin 2 x a day with percocet 5mg for breakthrough pain and Dilaudid 2 mg at bedtime. My body did develop a tolerance to the Oxycontin. I was started out 5 months ago at 10mg 2 x a day. Then the doc increased the dose to 10mg 3 x a day untill my 10's were finished then he put me on the 20's. Even now I feel the 20's arent lasting as long as they should and I am taking more breakthrough meds that I want to...5mg 4 x a day as doc perscribed. To many people even doctors look at us chronic pain sufferers and dont understand the difference between addiction and tolerance. Our bodies can become tolerant to one pill a day or 2,3 or whatever the dose is it doesnt mean you are an addict and if one pill stops working and you need 2 thats fine too. You are ONLY addicted or an addict if you ...Take your medication if you no longer need it for pain...if you take more than perscribed to get the "high" feeling you once got with 1 pill. You panic when your script runs out early...You use several docs and pharmacies for the same medication. You make up pain with the hopes of getting a script from the Er. I hope I made some sence here it just bothers me when us chronic pain sufferers get a bad Rep because we have to take narcotics to have quality of life. God Bless and have a pain free day.

TMJD...12 years
Anxiety/Panic Attacks (cured I hope)
Total Abdominal Hysterectomy due to endometrial bleeding after miscarriage (2002)
Hernia Repair(1998)
Apendectomy (infected) 1988
21 year old daughter born with Mullerian Aplasia
18 year old daughter bulimia survivor.
If I can help ANYONE with anything from a papercut to a life threatening illness, I will do my best just to be a friend. " A friend is someone who knows all your faults and loves you anyway".

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