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I am a Ultram ( about 30 to 35 a day) and Fioricet (about 20 a day) addict. I would like to hear from someone that has been through the same thing. Even a pain pill addiction would be fine. I just need a support system.

I am going into detox tomorrow for the second time. I went about this time last year. I was only allowed to stay in rehab for 48 hrs and I saw my doc 2 times and for no more then 3 min. each time. It was awful and as happy as I was when the doc relased me to go home, I soon realized that I was not ready. I still had physical detox symptoms. It took about 1 week to get myself feeling fairly decent. I felt a bit better4 days later. When i went home I was sent home with no meds to help me and when I called my doctor I found out he was on vacation. I now think that he relased me so that he would not have to worry about any patients while he was on vacation. That or my insurance would not pay.

Is anyone out there addicted to the same thing? I take 8 Ultram and 4 Fioricet about 3 times a day and add a few pills of each through out the day. I have a 3 year old and am tired and sick all the time. I know I have to kick this probelm right now. My husband is just mad at me, and he has every right but someome to talk to would be so nice.

So if you have or have had ANY kind of pill addiction I would love some advice on what to tell the detox docs tomorrow. Most of the docs and nurses act like Ultram and Fioricet are not truly addictive and many have never heard of either drug.

Ultram: I remember back about 5 years ago I when I was first starting taking pain meds...most all the docs wanted to rx ultram.

Way back then and even now I think there may be a perception that because Ultram is not classified as scheduled or a narcotic that it is not an addictive medication.

I have read mixed reviews and though Ultram never seemed to help me...I have seen several CPP saying how addictive that ultram is.

I would advise all to be aware that ultram is as most any medication because of phycological/physical dependence. Carri, we are all here to support you. I do think based on what you have said you do need a 30 day evaluation and detox. Just my opinion--I am no doctor.

Sometimes you have to make a stand with detoxing and the type program that may be best for you. I wish you the best.

I only say this because I am concerned. I know I also need all the resources and support possible. Please take care and keep us posted.


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