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Hi Gina
I've posted a lot about myself and my boyfriend's addictions - he's an alcoholic. He is now 5 weeks sober after we didn't see each other for 3 months. We have only met up with each other last weekend for the first time again and it was lovely for both of us.I broke off with him, telling him that I couldn't be with him while he drinks but he has always known, that I want what's best for him too.
I don't think it's the words that make much difference as they mean nothing if they are not followed up with actions. The fact that I was strong enough and felt strong enough not to contact my boyfriend over Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day showed my boyfriend that I meant what I said. He was also given space to deal with his own problems on his own without feeling bad about what he was doing to me.
I have always been able to separate who my boyfriend is inside and what the drink makes him become and so have always loved him. He has found this harder to do!
I believe that through our love for each other, we have been able to get this far.
Yes, I am still nervous about whether it will last but so is he. We both know,it is so easy to pick up that first drink again. I know that he wants to quit his old lifestyle and is doing his best - that is all I need for now.
I have also learned to look after myself and am aware that I too must not become "addicted" to being with him again. I think, the first few months will be the hardest as we will be learning a new way to be together.
Hope this gives you some insight....from the other side.

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