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Hi all~
I want to start by saying this is the first time I've posted to this board, but I've been reading everyone's posts and you are all so brave to share your stories. I admire all of you for reaching out to others.
I'm posting to find out what you all know about marijuana and the effects it has on people who smoke it regularly? My husband has smoked it regularly, behind my back, for probably 7 years now. We've had fights about this subject throughout our marriage. He never does it around me, or in our house...only with his friends, whom he spends alot of time with. He knows how strongly I feel against him doing it (we even separated for 7 months last year because I caught him), but he continues to do it. He says he is not addicted and has even tried to make the argument that one cannot become addicted to marijuana. Is this true? Although I can never tell if he is high or not, it seems to me his personality changes. He gets very rude with me...and short tempered. Is that something to be expected with people who smoke pot regularly? Any ideas on what I can say or do to get him to quit? I feel like it's (pot) more important to him than his marriage to me.
Any and all responses are welcome, please! Thank you!

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