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Quick Bio: 37 male, competitive athlete(or at least was) Ironworker from NYC
Married to beautiful wife and 20 month old beautiful girl.
I first tried Percocets when I was hit by a car in NYC while in my way to a bicycle race. I was weened off and had no problems but remember it taking away all my little pains here and there. One day at work I saw a guy pop something he offered I accepted and was on and off for about a year and a half. Thought I could quit anytime which I did then became sick around Easter in which I checked in to the ER thinking I was gojbg to die. Back pain so I though it was my kidneys, chest pain so I though I had a heart attack or was close to one, had a headache( which I never get) so I definitely new there was something wrong. Well after 2 weeks I kind of felt better. I would drink a beer here and there when I wanted to take the edge off.
I am shy naturally and on Percs I just transformed into a social butterfly hahaha. I remember crying thinking I was going to die and leave my family fending for themselves. Anyway I had quit and started cycling again and being active. Fast forward a few months I end up getting hurt at work. They prescribed percocet a and it was open season since I had an injury. I kept it in moderation till it was time for fiesta BBq's,thanksgiving, Christmas etc. I managed to do all my therapy and some gym up to The surgery date.
Well I got the procedure done and kept on the percs, it went from 1- 10/325 every 4 hours to cutting it down to 2 a day. Then last couple of months went back to 2 in the morning, 1 at lunch then 1 at home. Last month I decided to start weening off so I won't get hit so hard with WD. I started taking 1 in the morning and one at night for about a week and already started feeling sluggish. I started to take more pre work out drinks to fight the lethargic crap and just kept cutting down the percs till where I was down to only half a pill .5 mg in the mornings and yes still felt like crap. I finally stopped last Monday and it was horrible. Wensday had to call in sick and I had all the symptoms of the flu except fever. Maybe a slight fever but not crazy. Lots of night sweats though.
I didn't think it was going to be this tough being that I weened off pretty good and not so fast.
So, day 6! NO PILLS! Been at the gym last 4 days. Still get a bit of headaches, back pain(again thinking my kidneys though I know it's not) and sometimes a bit of loss of appetite with the state of foggyness. What and how long did you guys feel? Just trying to figure out when I will become a competitive,cocky athlete again hahahaha!!! Few months I will be repairin my shoulder and I told my wife I will NOT be doing narcotics! Btw, I told her I was quitting, she just doesn't know how seriously I needed them things.
Thanks for your help guys! Hopefully I can help others here as well! OH, exercising absolutely helps my depression/anxiety attacks or at least I think it does!
Anyone's take on this would be appreciated.

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