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Oxycontin is BAD
Jan 18, 2005
... weed isnt bad as it seems, but now, I would def. have to say that it IS infact a drug that has a possibility to get you started on other drugs. ... (12 replies)
... I don't know how....I mean in highschool I was constantly around friends that used weed and partied as well as in college....but somehow never used it. That is until recently. ... (11 replies)
... months ago when a friends boyfriend offered to let me try some cocaine. I'd only drank occasionally and smoked weed about 5 times before that so I'm not very knowledgeble about drugs, especially harder drugs. ... (4 replies)

... They also had nothing going for them, and i wanna move up. I felt like weed was just holding me down, athough for a while i felt like weed was no big deal, but it is an addiction. ... (4 replies)
... off of weed.. my thoughts are definitly more clear, but i have another battle and thats the battle of feeling depersonalized.. rare weed withdrawal symptom.. ... (6 replies)
... days are bad, everyone has different adaptation mechanisms but you should not worry man, you will feel alot better, and replace your craving for weed with the satisfactory feeling of being an ambitious person again. ... (6 replies)
Second Go
Jan 19, 2011
... Hey, so you did a half a perc. That is not enough to set you back in your detox stage. I dont believe you'll feel any 'more' withdrawal symptoms from that, compared to what withdrawal symptoms you are already having. ... (219 replies)
Second Go
Jan 16, 2011
... doing substances!! thats what was an interesting piece for me. it did help because as you come down, you need certain things to help u come down slowly , a lttle weed here, a tylol 3 from a friend, some mdma, and the MUSIC which I love helped with my dopamine, and the peoples energy at that place is like none other!!! ... (219 replies)
... I was fine except for the normal withdrawl symptoms which sucks... ... (11 replies)
... Warren, Is there anyway you can go to the Dr. and come clean with the Dr. about your past use with the Marijuana? I would almost bet that what you are experiencing probably isnt even related to your past use. Most likely you could be helped and be rid of your problem with Therapy or even some medication. You are so young and you have your whole wonderful life in front of you.... (2 replies)
... Hi im 17 years old and i started smokin weed at age 14 until March of 04, In January of 04 i smoked a joint and the next day later my symptoms came at me at full force i became estranged wit my sense of reality, It all started in my math class i looked down at the floor and it zoomed in and out in and out. Ive been lookin for an answer for my problem for a while now. After... (2 replies)
... hing but painkillers, at least what i could find. Its not really the thing you go yelling out asking for, its kinda taboo at these partys, theyre all on mdma and weed and uppers, liquid lsd made a comeback, shrooms,etc. ... (94 replies)
... ow. I am having major problems with my knees. I was supposed to have one of them operated on and kept putting it off and now the other one feels worse than the bad one! Years of aerobics and working 12 hour shifts on cement floors will kill the knees! ... (2 replies)
... I am new to all of this. I had a very bad problem with percocet and darvocet. I was taking up to 100mg of percocet per day and, if I didn't have the percocet I would take the darvocet... ... (6 replies)
... Today I have 60 days clean and sober. I have not had this long in well over 2 decades. I was a maintence drinker at the end. Drinking 1.5 liters of whiskey every two days. I drank morning, noon and night (wasn't working because I could not hold a job). EVERY night was a black out for me. Every flippin night. When I woke up in the morning I would vomit. I would... (5 replies)
... I'm not as bad as you are...I smoked for about 3.5 years and recently decided to stop. ... (10 replies)
... no, i havent seen a doc. i dont have one. pretty bad news for someone with many broken bones and severe back problems. ... (12 replies)

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