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... Tricky - you had a rough weekend. Sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you have made some important decisions about leaving your friends you used with behind for now. Very tough thing to do, but very necessary and you should be commended. Cocaine, like so many otber drugs, is a very indidious - lies to you and fools you and just takes control. Don't beat yourself up... (1 replies)
Slipped up...
Mar 13, 2004
... come on... you are talking about two hard core addicting drugs.... Give yourself a break, you are going through enough. ... (10 replies)
... in 3 days, but it can also work up to 5 days. It's not an abortion pill, it just keeps you from getting pregenant. ... (11 replies)

... I have been meaning to post to you for a few hours, just couldn't get a second to sit down. Don't beat yourself up so bad. I know it sucks to have slid backwards, but we have all done it one time or another. ... (11 replies)
... Just take your time and you will manage to get through this. Even if you have some slip ups, don't beat yourself up. Just get up and try to get back on that bicycle again. Let it be day one again if you have to. And your husband was right in one of your earlier posts. ... (8 replies)
I slipped up
Mar 22, 2007
... ven miss them, however, I was so tempted to take them it really was bizarre how much just seeing them made me want them. Everyday will get better. Keep telling yourself that because it is true, but you can't beat yourself up about taking it. It happened..there's no more and that's that. in the past.. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, Dont beat yourself up about chickening out (as you call it) - its a hard thing to broach with a doctor. These drugs have a way of burrowing deep into our daily routines - and without them we think we may not be able to do x,y,z etc etc. The lack of ambition, headaches etc is part & parcel of giving up any addiction - the pills will tell you other wise. The best advice... (5 replies)
I slipped up
Mar 22, 2007
... Hi Kelly. Don't beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us. Its all part of our illness. Please look at all of the good work you've done and stop focusing on one little slip! ... (2 replies)
Giving up
Oct 29, 2006
... r go CT and be successful. However, many need professional intervention. Please don't think you have to do this alone. I understand more than you know. Don't beat yourself up. Who knew when you took the first pill, for whatever reason, that it could change your life so much? ... (2 replies)
... Please don't beat yourself up...about your "slip".. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Sweetie, sorry...I haven't been around for a few days...but that's not to say that I haven't been thinking about you. Listen, don't beat yourself up. This addiction crud is really, really tough to get a handle on. ... (24 replies)
I relapsed
Nov 26, 2006
... I know how you feel I relapsed too a few times. Each time I felt worse and worse about myself. Dont beat yourself up. Kinda set yourself up for it by still being able to call in an RX. Dont take that the wrong way I did the same thing too. I knew I could just call in a refill. ... (15 replies)
... Sweetie, please, PLEASE do not beat yourself up like this. It is breaking my heart reading your desprate words right now. ... (30 replies)
... and make pots of coffee when I get off work to have the energy to feed, bathe, and put my little girl to bed. I know what you mean about the guilt. Please don't beat yourself up. You love your daughter and you just got addicted. No one wakes up and says "I want to be an addict today." It happens. ... (22 replies)
... worried about what you are doing to your baby because I worried my entire pregnancy and I did try to quit numerous times but each time it seemed like I would end up in the hospital with at UTI. ... (19 replies)
... Please do not beat yourself up over this side step that you took. When I relapsed 2 weeks before a 4 year birthday it was so hard for me not to beat myself up mentally. I now know that I have to have complete absinence from all the stuff. ... (19 replies)
... Stand up, Brush yourself off, this is cake! ... (15 replies)
... t beat yourself up so much. Big breath here, relax. Now think about your situation, it sounds like you require pain meds legitimately. ... (11 replies)
Sep 27, 2003
... Don't beat yourself up so much. You had a slip... no biggie, pick yourself up and keep going. ... (38 replies)
... If you want to just get this over with, once and for all, stop taking them and tell your loved ones you have the flu, deal with it. And don't beat yourself up for being like your mom, addictions I think run in the family. There's a gene or something. Don't beat yourself up. ... (41 replies)

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