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... Prior to, I would say 1995, I wonder how many people actually went on methadone or suboxone for withdrawal or addiction. ... (2 replies)
Suboxone Advice
Mar 23, 2011
... so think you can revisit the drug because you are cured and doing well now. it doesnt work like that, it'll put you mind back exactly to where it was when u were addicted... i did it .... ... (15 replies)
... the ups, the downs, the times it doesn't seem like I can do it on the rapid pill detox I was put on. I'm happy and grateful that today is a good day. ... (40 replies)

... Heh Karen how`s life treating ye?:wave:just thought i`d keep in touch cause it`s been a wee while since i wrote last, hopefully ye`ve been managing to deal with any anxiety problems that may have come up since ye got hame fae visiting yer folks in the big orange, i mean apple,:rolleyes:thats what i hope anyway, and do ye know what i`ve got the copyright on crazyness but am... (165 replies)
... words still echo in my head at times. You are useless, no good, wont amount to anything etc, etc. It is hard dam hard to re program all that crap that has been put in our heads. I try to look at my mum now as being old and I know she never really meant to hurt me same as my dad and I dont want to hang onto the past. ... (165 replies)
... happy", or "my life is being wasted because of the stupid mistakes I've made".... ... (165 replies)
... The naloxone is one of the great debates....the bioavailabilty. It's not supposed to be absorbed sublingually....but experience shows us different. Put it this way....a lot of folks have eliminated side effects switching from the 'oxone to the 'tex. I never heard anyone eliminating it the other way. ... (39 replies)
... The morphine pump begins to not be enough, you get put on something stronger,,,,,,,,,,,sigh. ... (12 replies)
... I didn't put my concern about my pain, RLS, etc., in the right words. I'm not so worried about dealing with them after sub, I'm concentrating on staying clean and making amends to a lot of people. ... (2 replies)
... I take Motrin or Tylenol. It takes the edge off so it is managable. I put heat on my neck a lot and I use this stuff called BioFreeze. ... (15 replies)
... patient rehab for about 80 days now. I am over 60 days clean from my drug of choice. I went on suboxone therapy at the start of rehab to help with withdrawals, and it worked well for me. ... (15 replies)
Suboxone Detox
Jul 30, 2008
... and sometimes restless legs, although most of the time i been able to sleep a few hours each night. Last night i taken clonidine and it put me on my but I slept 5 hours no vivd dreams at all. I have also been walking when i can and i think that helps alot, that and laughing lol. ... (6 replies)
... sychological because sub stays at a level in ones system for 24 hours or something to that effect. It's just a confusing drug to me. Granted, I would rather be on a small dose and a small dose for the rest of my life than to worry about ever being addicted again to hydrocodone. That was not living... ... (11 replies)
... torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders and the ib 600's keep the pain at about a 5 with the sub so its managable. I am going to have to get both shoulders operated on they hope it can be scoped, but I am in a real quandry about getting this done and not being treated adequately for pain and suffereing. ... (25 replies)
... for as long as you need to take it. And then slowly ween off when you're ready and your life is in order. sub makes you feel pretty much like a "normal" human being again. you're able to work, take care of the kids, live your life ! ... (25 replies)
... and not town homes, when the houses in the hills were as old as the covered bridge leading into the development and not the giant size houses that have now been put up in their place. ... (37 replies)
... Yes, i know that is a lot compared to what i was taking when i was on other meds. But b4 i started sub. ... (11 replies)
... Congrats on taking the steps toward changing your life! ... (12 replies)
... Anyway, you are about where I was last October. I went on Suboxone for 7 days. ... (28 replies)
... You said something that stuck with me...You said he had already done up the amount he was suppose to take the next day and he was being nice and saying you deserve better blah blah blah...He was saying this because he was high and felt good. ... (18 replies)

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