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How to stop oxy?
Oct 10, 2004
... that will put you under with benzos and you'll sleep through the worst part of the physical withdrawals. ... (3 replies)
Oct 2, 2004
... effects of buprenorphine. I have to say that being on 4mg per day , I certainly notice FAR less of these symptoms thank goodness. ... (23 replies)
... add on that need to chill... ... (7 replies)

... Its a tough call- cos i know myself-and its hard knowing you got the pills/can get em-etc.. You want my advice is don't get the pills-c/t might be the way to go-weaning is really hard-you could try to come down over the course of a couple weeks-but if you really want out-cold turkey and its over-ive done c/t off of a big dope habit-that if i tried taking... (10 replies)
To Twise of Fate
Jun 3, 2004
... user is right on what I meant, they bumped it up to a higher abuse and depenency rate. There are different levels of controlled substances. Schedule 1 being of no medicinal use. ... (8 replies)
Hi all....
May 22, 2004
... i couldn't believe it when i counted the next morning. It really does get outta control, very quickly. I know this anyways, gosh, i have been on this crazy rollar coaster ride for a couple of years now. Wonder if i will ever get off? ... (9 replies)
... t'd me off of the klonopin and ambien, too, using phenobarb and the suboxone until the end, so my worst night at the hospital was my last night! ... (13 replies)
... Linn, who always seems to get the point, I read you requote when I was just on 1 klonopin and suboxone and was at a peak of happiness at my life. How did I leet the valium get to tme. ... (23 replies)
Apr 8, 2004
... addictionologist next week. Nothing could make me happier. You need to have someone who specializes in YOUR care...YOUR problem. It's YOUR turn to go first..and put others aside for a bit until you are on the right path to being well. ... (11 replies)
... I can't imagine being on that flight. I would have absolutely freaked out! ... (9 replies)
... of concerned this morning because my lower back was hurting badly and luckily the sub helped with that. I made it very clear to him that I did not want to stay on the sub very long and he said we would see how I am doing after the first month. I do have another appointment to see him next Tuesday for a follow up. ... (33 replies)
Slipped up...
Mar 13, 2004
... uggest that AT ALL. You need to take care of the pills first. They are more the immeidate danger to your life. After you are sober and stable for a while from being clean, then you should tackle the smoking but why in the world are you trying to do both? ... (10 replies)
... A lifetime plan of eating healthy. But damn I love me some french fries and hamburgers. Put it this way, everyone refers to me as the 'chicken finger girl'. That's how much I love greasy foods and chocolate. ... (34 replies)
... Hi Banker and Wakeup. I don't really know much about how many hydros are too much to go to sub but the doc who put me on it knew and he didn't say anything. ... (34 replies)
... He put me on subutex to start. He told me to continue to take my lortab in decreasing doses, he said on day one. ... (7 replies)
... was gone but I felt so guilty. Everyone had told me how sad he was that I had asked him to move out and I have always felt that it was a little my fault for not being there for him. Nonetheless, just because we weren't living together did not mean that I didn't love him with all my heart. ... (26 replies)
... I remember my hubby accusing me of being "high" when in all actuality i was stone sober!!! My eyes get that terrible look to them as well. Just take it slow, Michelle. ... (24 replies)
To Murphy
Jan 16, 2004
... I was on them for about 4 weeks and then I really, really enjoyed them. After that, I would just take one here and there... ... (16 replies)
... first off congrats on your progress and dedication. The issues your running into is your tapering much to quickly. ... (13 replies)
Aug 2, 2003
... a rail infront of us, on the field!!! ... (3 replies)

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