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... t out of all of them xanxe is the most addictive they have tons of sights you can go to on the net to look it up I go to and ambian is a cousin to the benzo family which also makes it addictive. So please be carful when taking these meds ask qusetions and do so resesrch. ... (17 replies)
... Just curious where you got your info? I called my pharmacist and asked if Soma and Xanax (or in any the benzo family) have codiene it them and he said NO! By all means, I due think both can be addictive, especially the Xanax, but food can also be addictive. I just had to make sure I wasn't taking ANY type of narcotic and the pharmacist reasssured me neither of these had any... (17 replies)
... Family members to not seem to understand my seclusion, I don't have a family that would understand all of this.....I have that "perfect family group", where weakness is not tolerated. It's ALL IN MY HEAD ...... ... (17 replies)

... Yes, Kathryn, you do need an expert on benzo withdrawal. I began with my family doctor... had a horrible first week! Saw a psychiatrist and listene to his advice.... somewhat. ... (10 replies)
... Tranxene is the other benzo I am trying to withdraw off of I took 7.5 three times per day. ... (17 replies)
... So if I understand what you are saying Valium and Xanax stay in your system for the same amount of time? If when I call in on tueday, I am going to test positive and be right back in jail. When they do these tests are the checking for the amount of the drug thats in your system or are the just checking that its there in your system? Help! (27 replies)
... benzodiazapam, or whatever. that is the valium. it is in the benzo family and some call it the pam family. when it is listed on generic bottles if it ends with a pam and it is in the benzo family. ... (27 replies)
... I'm sorry. I agree with Jam. My psych who was seeing me for benzo addiction had a mantra, "No patient I've ever treated has ever died from a lack of sleep." Really ticked me off every time he said it. ... (58 replies)
... t is in the same family of drugs, benzodiazepines, that had almost killed my mother years earlier....TOTAL PANIC...researched the hell out of it.... ... (14 replies)
... then download the Ashton Manual which is a guide to quitting benzos. The Ativan is safer than the Xanax. Xanax and Klonipin are the demons in the benzo family. ... (1 replies)
... Hi BP Princess! I also am bipolar and in recovery and can't have anything out of the benzo family. ... (5 replies)
... t takes time. Small improvement can happen daily, but with certainity, it can be felt week by week. I would urge the utmost caution with the Xanax. It is in the Benzo Family and benzos are a much more difficult withdrawal. ... (12 replies)
... things that helped me get through the wd's from Suboxone were, Seroquel for sleep, Clonidine, and Rhovane, which also helps sleep and anxiety. Rhovane is in the benzo family, but is NOT a narcotic. ... (6 replies)
... By this time I had already read of the horror of Benzo tolerance and withdrawal, I wanted off but Doctors treated me like a leper and they wouldn't or couldn't give me direction. ... (3 replies)
... ing to stay asleep....and praying....too fatigued to want to go out and get food, but I hate to complain with what you may going through. It would help if I had family or support, but I have just one very good friend, that prays with me every other day and calls to check on me.... ... (17 replies)
... (33 replies)
... I'm so scared. After a few days of not using some form of benzo my anxiety hits really hard and I begin to find my muscles spasm and ache. My frame of mind changes and I always worry. ... (33 replies)
... lol I know how you feel. I feel much older than I am thanks to the anxiety and panic disorder and the Benzo I was on. Another problem I have which is common with people who have anxiety and panic disorder is OCD. ... (10 replies)
... No way would I allow any physician to put any of my family on these drugs. ... (31 replies)
... it may take that for alot of people to realize they have a problem, but I realized I had a problem and I never really hit rock bottom. I mean, I didn't lose my family or steal or get arrested or whatever. I just realized I needed help and choose to get it through subutex. ... (6 replies)

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