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... I would agree with windysan, none is best as the effects from them may complicate benzo recovery. ... (33 replies)
... I Am A Person In Recovery And Only Can Share My Experience, Benzo's Are Benzo's Anything Ending In Pam Is A Benzo And They Are In My Opion The Hardest Drug To Get Off Of... ... (2 replies)
... God, I know exactly what you're going through and all I can say is detox! Have health insurance? Here in Massachusetts even if a person doesn't have health insurance they have free beds available. Coming off suboxone alone causes the worst anxiety in the frggn world and to add the benzo's to it as well..ehh..I was also taking suboxone at work for years and when I couldn't get... (5 replies)

... But I've read that the dreams are a sign of the brain's attempted recovery from chemicals, so they are a good thing! ... (33 replies)
... By this time I had already read of the horror of Benzo tolerance and withdrawal, I wanted off but Doctors treated me like a leper and they wouldn't or couldn't give me direction. ... (3 replies)
... Sounds like you don't need anything to help you if you've managed to go 30 days without already. That really is commenable in itself and I'm sure if you stick to it, things will get better. One thing I would encourage against is looking for medications to help you at this stage of you recovery. Have you tried NA? One of the most important issues that you now face is... (17 replies)
... I am an old timer here and been a while since I have been on... Anyway, quick summary.. I have been an oxycodone user for 15 years off and on. I have had a few clean times and I have gone through the wds more times than I can count.. At the end of 2009, I went to local hospital for detox and this was done with suboxone. I have been through the program 2 more times in the... (1 replies)
... First thing i picked out of what you wrote Kim was that you crave it bad at times what ye should do with that sentance is replace the it with a the. Then read it back to yersel DO YOU REALLY CRAVE THE BAD TIMES? Cause there are only bad times, we may have got relief from the mental torture for a short while but it never lasts and the end result is always more pain and... (165 replies)
... Hi Iain/Karen I too apologise for falling off the planet for a bit. Was great to hear from you Iain and thanks for the explanation of how to read your language. I love it. I can hear you talking in your accent when I read what you write. I have ancestory leading back to the Anderson Clan inthe Scottish Highlands. Dont know alot about it but plan to look into it someday.... (165 replies)
... because it means no money coming in. I finally had surgery last year to correct the problem that made it necessary to take pain meds in the first place, but the recovery took quite awhile because it was major surgery. So after that I've worked at three different places. ... (6 replies)
... personally i think u should be ok as long as the codeine dose wasnt too high, not sure how things r stateside with cough meds!? hope it aint set u back m8, if so keep in there as its the rest of your life that u gotta weigh it up against. im sure you'll be fine, plenty of fluids (as i have mentioned tonic water) multi vits, hot baths,lavender & maybe a short dose of sleepers... (7 replies)
... begraced Valium IS an anti-anxiety med. It is a tranquilizer, a "benzo." Under some legitimate circumstances, opiates and benzos are mixed under specific doctor direction. Is it the medical doctor or the dentist who will prescibe the Valium? Is he prescribing it for anxiety? It is not a painkiller... it will only help you to relax. A great painkiller is aspirin. ... (9 replies)
... but hang in there. Remember any symptoms you get are only symptoms. Nothing is actually happening to you. Keep searching the net for a benzo recovery group and join in the interaction and message boards. ... (11 replies)
... Scott, It sounds like you have a pretty technical question that a professional at a reputable hospital or clinic should take on for you. Why are you in between dr.s? Do you have access to one? Do you have health insurance? If you do, start calling up the Dr.s in your plan. If you don't, then is there a free clinic somewhere nearby that helps people with addiction and... (2 replies)
... ee the difference after a few back to back nights of "clean" sleep. It took me about 12 days to get there and I'm only on day 18 clean from norcos. I also used a benzo called klonopin for the first few days..very small doses like you . ... (6 replies)
... I and others have found SSRI"S very easy to quickly taper from.Nothing remotely like getting off opiates or benzo's or any hard drugs.Go easy on yourself! (7 replies)
... y make me so tired, I would never want to abuse them. The opiates bring me "up," and thats what I always liked. So don't immediately rule out a small dose of a benzo for a short time to get you through the next couple tough nights. Its hard to feel good during the day when you are completely lacking in sleep. ... (5 replies)
When does it end
May 8, 2004
... Jennita, Good Post. I realize I am dependent upon and would go through withdrawals from use of klonopin for a long time, but I've never crossed that line with the benzos, otherwise, my doc would have taken me off of them along time ago. Murphy (359 replies)
When does it end
Apr 16, 2004
... thanks for the info very helpful at least now idont feel like an idiot theyve just helped me tremendously i couldnt even go anywhere before taking these but then again i dont want to go through all this pyshological crap again thanks so much kelleigh (359 replies)
When does it end
Apr 16, 2004
... I'll jump in the way, howard, I hope you are doing better...remember, it does take the brain some time to recover from benzo use...been there, done that too! ... (359 replies)

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