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... advice for Klonopin Withdrawal Headaches? ... (2 replies)
... Mechanisms of withdrawal reactions. Drug withdrawal reactions in general tend to consist of a mirror image of the drugs' initial effects. ... (31 replies)
... may increase risk of Benzo withdrawal seizure. ... (0 replies)

... may increase risk of Benzo withdrawal seizure. ... (41 replies)
... may increase risk of Benzo withdrawal seizure. ... (1 replies)
Benzo withdrawal
Feb 21, 2006
... y bedroom drawer, I call it my end of the world drug , meaning if we are In a nuclear attack I will down the Ativan LOLOLOL...It took a month before the restless legs and sudden hand twitching went a way... ... (17 replies)
... of my starting dose is when I began to notice things...sneezing, chills, my legs aching. ... (32 replies)
... i have the chils, legs pain, all my joints are achey. mood swings are intense. i feel sad this morning because i want so much to feel like my old self. ... (2 replies)
... I found out, by accident, that MAGNESIUM, helps with the headaches. I started taking magnesium to help with nerve damage and with the restless legs during detox from opiate painkillers. Found that it helped greatly with the headaches when I next tapered off Xanax, a benzo like klonopin. ... (8 replies)
... OMG!!! I just now saw this thread. I had horrible horrible withdrawals from benzodiazapines!!! I also hallucinated, kept seeing a little boy and an old person (what is it about old people??). I had complete memory loss of about two weeks. I remember NOTHING. People would try and remind me of things I did and I told them "I don't need to feel any more shame then... (13 replies)
Jul 28, 2007
... Yes, I had withdrawal symptoms at most cuts.. not all, but most. They were crummy, but anxiety was the biggest deal... ... (3 replies)
... re taking. If you get the nervous legs try walking outside or if you have to walk around the house but keep moving. ... (31 replies)
... the side effects of hydrocodone...its a gives the feeling of euphoria at first...after awhile tolerance develops and so does the the side effects and withdrawal symptoms,restless legs,diahrea,ect when your body does not get the satisfaction of the opiate...also,benzo's are very addictive and hard to get off of... ... (5 replies)
... You have done a remarkable job tapering down as quickly as you have so far! To wean off 100 mgs of Oxy in but a week and a half and not have a lot of withdrawal is unique for sure. I would guess that the Kadian helped with that, but still a drastic dosage drop in a short time. ... (3 replies)
... Hi:) It is easy to get addicted to them if you take them every night for a month or so. At some point, you can't sleep without them, and if you quit cold turkey, your body goes crazy for them, but only at night. The withdrawal symptoms are horrible (night terrors, seizures, racing heart, little if any sleep, jimmy legs...) It wasn't long before I was taking a little more... (10 replies)
... ht i had today was that "man if i just had a pill i wouldn't be sick anymore". then i thought that taking the pill is actually making me sick and this feeling of withdrawal is healthy. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you for the very kind words... i am 1 hour away from it being 1 day ( 24 hours) from my last 5MG pill... So it's exciting to be starting day 2... last night was a challenge to say the least , my sleeping pills didn't work lol (zopiclone) so i just took the Clonnazapan, took more than i expected but got me to this point... I suffer from adhd so i've been on zolft and... (16 replies)
... Major diarrhea is the first withdrawal symptom. Stock up on Immodium. ... (16 replies)
... chills and restless legs were minimal. ... (8 replies)
... for 2 days, and I just think it's too fast like that. I'm not sleeping much at all, and when I do, it's very restless sleep, and I don't sleep very long, and my legs hurt so bad!!! ... (25 replies)

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