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... just been cruising thru the posts and caught yours.I just want to say, clinically speaking,you should NEVER EVER CT off of benzo's.Especially with the length of time you have been on Xanax,I'm going to tell you even with 5,6,7 days behind you CT,you're more than likely DEFINITELY NOT out of the woods. ... (23 replies)
... Katalina, if you don't mind sharing, how much klonopin were you on? thanks,rosie (10 replies)
... T abusing the Klonopin I was given. I was just on an EXTREMELY high dosage given to me by a very twisted psychiatrist. Although I tapered down very low during my withdrawal process, it was hellishly painful. I felt as if I was going through what heroin withdrawal is depicted to be like. ... (10 replies)

... I withdrew from Xanax myself. Withdrawal from any benzo should be slow and gradual. ... (4 replies)
... to go through it. there is no way around it, except to go back on the pills. sooner or later i would come back to where i am right now, only worse. try googling benzo withdrawal, or withdrawal from benzos. i cannot give you any definite site info. look up the ashton manual before you google benzo withdrawal. ... (17 replies)
... d for a Klonopin Withdrawal message board, and I just found this one, so I registered. I am desparate for help. This is my first post. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, Kathryn, you do need an expert on benzo withdrawal. I began with my family doctor... had a horrible first week! Saw a psychiatrist and listene to his advice.... somewhat. ... (10 replies)
... any benzo you come off of has withdrawal effects. ... (3 replies)
... The first time I went through this, the withdrawal consisted of 2 nights of no sleep and then fine. ... (13 replies)
... Forget the bipolar idea, that is nonsense. I think you are in benzo withdrawal... ... (8 replies)
Benzo addiction
Aug 25, 2004
... Two weeks on a mild dose shouldn't lead to any major withdrawal problems. ... (6 replies)
... Hello Grdian, What you describe are classic symptoms of benzo withdrawal (tinnitus, insomnia, nausea, sickness, tremor, anxiety etc). I know nothing about Wellbutrin - so the symptoms could be produced by either or both drugs? One way to find out would be to take the xanax and if the symptoms disappear then you have your culprit. xanax! If nothing improves then it is... (32 replies)
... Benzo withdrawal is a complex process and like I said, consult with a doctor or several doctors to gain as much information as you can. ... (5 replies)
... Medicinal mildew. Precisely. Wow. This has been going on so long and all this time I thought it was mildew. Maybe my apartment's rotating fauna of the season is just a benzo withdrawal thing too. I don't really have millipedes in my bathroom. ... (24 replies)
... possibility of fatal seizure was there if I had not come in to ER and gotten some benzo into my system. I want to get down to .25 a day, probably before bed. ... (10 replies)
... lol I know how you feel. I feel much older than I am thanks to the anxiety and panic disorder and the Benzo I was on. Another problem I have which is common with people who have anxiety and panic disorder is OCD. ... (10 replies)
Benzo withdrawal
May 24, 2005
... Im so looking foreward to feeling normal again. Maybe it will be a long time but at least I hope to get a tiny bit better each day. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Banker, Thanks for the reply. The system does not always work for the ones who really need it and I am one of those that it wont work for. I go to the VA Hospital for my treatment and have done so ever since I started the treatment for my Anxiety and Panic Disorder and have had the same doctor the entire time. 3 years ago I filed for SS Disability due to the ongoing panic... (10 replies)
When does it end
May 7, 2004
... Yep, I suppose I didn't make myself clear on the "causing" mental illness but you did hit it on the head in trying to decipher what I meant....yes, it's the withdrawal syndrome and antisocial behavior you mentioned! Those things are exactly what is interpreted by the psychiatric community as mental illness! ... (359 replies)
When does it end
May 18, 2004
... We know benzo withdrawals will not make us immune to other conditions. ... (359 replies)

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