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... ed more technical information from you. we will be able to help you. please do a web search for the Professor Heather Ashton Manual. she is the leading expert on benzo and tranquiliser withdrawals, and her methods of tapering off of them are very successful. i believe tranxene and dalmane are both tranquilisers. ... (17 replies)
... i would think post operative nerve pain would be physical, nerves were disrupted, but in any case, i dont know, but the benzo could make it worse. As my first post started, i dont know what is happening to me, but if you find the benzo you are taking relieves it, i would be suspicious. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for relating your experience Chef. At the time of treatment, there were six heroin addicts on the Bupronex. None of them experienced any effect. ... (4 replies)

... The brain must relearn to produce the chemicals that keep us happy and normal on its own again. It is in no way a short term task. it takes time and during that time we are unbalanced emotionally. ... (13 replies)
... I can back up the opinion that hardcore benzo withdrawal is not only worse, but MUCH worse than hardcore opiate withdrawal. ... (11 replies)
... Cant believe any doctor would have a patient using a benzo for more than a month would have the patient stop cold turkey. Any doctor should know the concequences of it, such as sezuires for one. ... (33 replies)
Sep 22, 2013
... rule in tapering them. I followed this successfully in my own taper from Xanax, a strong benzo that I had been on for years. ... (2 replies)
... I read your post with interest. I've been off and on Xanax and Xanax XR for many years. Some time back my neurologist gave me a plan explaining how to get off any med in a way that would not cause withdrawal. Hope I can explain it to you clearly. ... (3 replies)
... The point to a taper is to go slow and easy and to allow thinking time as we come off the drugs. ... (13 replies)
Ativan Addition
Feb 23, 2014
... Benzo withdrawal always need to be done slowly, very, very slowly. ... (1 replies)
... s, but managed. Last night I did not sleep, even with 10mg Ambien, and when I would wake up, my hands were completely clentched and stiff. Is this normal for sub withdrawal or benzo withdrawal? ... (0 replies)
... ally dealing with any level of benzodiazepines,you REALLY have to be careful about how you stop.these usually have to be tapered off over a rather long period of time or you could actually trigger a siezure.its just the type of affect that the benzo group of meds have upon the brain. ... (5 replies)
... you get thrown in and out of withdrawal in between doses. Just as you describe above. Could you find a doctor who would prescribe valium for this taper? ... (5 replies)
... The Xanax withdrawal went as expected, I'm still alive so it must have went as scheduled time wise I guess. It's probably different for everyone. ... (4 replies)
Xanax Withdrawal
Jan 23, 2012
... t not something that you can safely do. These drugs work very specifically on your brain and it's chemicals and functions....and when you've taken it for a long time and then just can get yourself in some really big trouble really fast. ... (8 replies)
... out. It is a long tried and true use of the drug in treating alcoholism. In fact, there was some postings back and forth between another poster and myself some time ago regarding its use in withdrawal from benzos like Xanax and such. He had recently been treated with it as he withdrew from Xanax. ... (19 replies)
Taper plans??
Jan 28, 2007
... o 5mg once a day. I've just recently stabilized at this dose and am feeling halfway human. This is the only drug I am tapering off at present, but in a month's time my doc and I have a two week detox planned. I also take Kadian 30 mg 2xday and Norco 5mg 5x a day. ... (3 replies)
... Let me know about that research on nicotine I said, my hubby didn't have too hard of a time but then again, he didn't smoke as much as you and he didn't have benzo withdrawal to complicate things. ... (128 replies)
... That was the first time I've experienced a combination of alcohol and benzo withdrawal. It was pure hell, which lasted only a week or so... but it was a week I would not wish upon my worst enemies. ... (5 replies)
... And virtually all withdrawal symptoms are anxiety related. You cannot really make a distinction there... But the anxiety in withdrawal is at a level before unknown to me. Our nervous systems got used to the unnatural calming of the benzos and when they are removed it goe into overdrive. ... (33 replies)

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