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... ou got your support, have mine, but also have your warning. Many months of nervous system disruption and symptoms you do not even want to know of are common with benzo withdrawal. But sounds like you have gotten away with it this time. ... (42 replies)
... need nothing unecessarily excitable, whether it be conflict, anger, toward people, political institutions, corporate entities, or anything. Such is the nature of benzo withdrawal. I strongly suspect that you are good people at heart. And regarding your job prospects and sleep, you will remain in my prayers. ... (128 replies)
... P.S. As to us going down any time soon, I would not hold your breathe. ... (128 replies)

Emotional advice
May 7, 2004
... and am from the old country. I suffered from dreadful benzo withdrawal? ... (25 replies)
When does it end
Apr 25, 2004
... Your welcome! You are lucky to be so healthy, that will help you in the long run...I've heard of some people not only having problems with drugs but also with poor health/diseases at the same time....I can't imagine that, can you? My brother-in-law is a repiratory therapist and went through some high stress times (emotional too, when patients' die!). He took up... (359 replies)
... did you taper how long did it take. how do you feel. did you go the ashton method and use Val? (25 replies)
... classic benzo withdrawal I am afraid. But stick with it! ... (25 replies)
... ke the chemicals to sleep as a result but the brain has been fighting the chemicals by setting up tolerance, which is creating more excitatory chemicals. Look up benzo withdrawal to find sites explaining this, and the Ashton Manual. ... (35 replies)
Withdrawal Help
Nov 11, 2003
... i wish i could wave merlins magic wand and take away your benzo withdrawal. i know they are very difficult. do you want to discuss what happened at all, to tell us here about the circumstances of your situation. ... (21 replies)
... Benzo withdrawals can be one of the worse withdrawal syndromes but since there are different factors one can not know for sure how severe. Benzo Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome is one of the longest known, lasting for several years although the severity of it gets weaker and weaker during that time. ... (128 replies)
... I tapered off Xanax... a benzo like Ativan, but stronger. I tapered long and slow which is the way to come off a benzo. It is dangerous, very dangerous, to not go slow coming off a benzo. ... (19 replies)
... I am in no way a medical person, but I have never known a doctor to direct someone to come off a benzo like that. That manner of withdrawal can easily cause seizures. ... (7 replies)
... or just dependent on a drug, we suffer the same physical withdrawal symptoms and need to go through the same withdrawal procedures. There is no way to totally escape withdrawal symptoms. ... (11 replies)
... It is nice to meet you. I tapered off Xanax, a short acting benzo and I can sympathize with the withdrawal process from any benzo. It is not an easy thing at all and the symptoms can cause such angst. ... (5 replies)
... clude the need to taper slowly off the lorazepam. If you have been on it for few months, I don't think there is any longer a differnece existing between a long time user and you. not acriticism, no, not at all. Merely a fact that will help you in withdrawing from it. Short term use of a benzo lends itself to just stopping. ... (11 replies)
... short time on. ... (33 replies)
... Beautiful points about not choosing to use and benzos really are touted as treatment! Also, well put that benzos don't need to be abused for one to be addicted, because the type of addiction is really more of a physical one than a mental or behavioral one. The brain stops producing those sleep and anxiety chemicals at all because the drug literally takes over, and the brain,... (128 replies)
... this is gradual enough so as to not induce severe withdrawal. What bites is that one of the withdrawal symtoms is increased anxiety, probably at a level that is much higher than what you were originally treated for. ... (4 replies)
When does it end
May 8, 2004
... rough withdrawals from use of klonopin for a long time, but I've never crossed that line with the benzos, otherwise, my doc would have taken me off of them along time ago. ... (359 replies)
May 27, 2004
... i feel is just improper to say. our bodies are different and react differently to withdrawal from different meds. ... (16 replies)

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