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... Let me clarify: I was using Benzo's, (in addition to other antipsychotics) to treat GAD, Bi Polar, and Borederline Personality Disorder long before I had ever tried my first "pain pill". I have NEVER, EVER gotten high from them. My DOC is only Opiate Narcotics. However, I am concerned with the difference b/tween dependency and addiction. Both opiates and Benzo's are... (14 replies)
... Tranxene is the other benzo I am trying to withdraw off of I took 7.5 three times per day. ... (17 replies)
... I Am A Person In Recovery And Only Can Share My Experience, Benzo's Are Benzo's Anything Ending In Pam Is A Benzo And They Are In My Opion The Hardest Drug To Get Off Of... ... (2 replies)

... time of benzo consumption with all the implications of tolerance etc....... unless you can face up to the most difficult and lengthy process of taper imagineable. ... (31 replies)
... God, I know exactly what you're going through and all I can say is detox! Have health insurance? Here in Massachusetts even if a person doesn't have health insurance they have free beds available. Coming off suboxone alone causes the worst anxiety in the frggn world and to add the benzo's to it as well..ehh..I was also taking suboxone at work for years and when I couldn't get... (5 replies)
... I think Reach has it going on in the benzo dept! She really has a plan! ... (10 replies)
... Hi there, sorry I disappeared, but I went to the Ashton Manual Site, and it was very informative, but I am shocked and scared at the length of time it take to withdraw off of benzodiazepenes......and just my LUCK ! clorazepatate and flurazepam, had the LONGEST HALF LIFE HOURS OF ALL THE BENZO'S UP TO 100 HOURS !....I sank and became very depressed, that It could take a year. ... (17 replies)
... ed more technical information from you. we will be able to help you. please do a web search for the Professor Heather Ashton Manual. she is the leading expert on benzo and tranquiliser withdrawals, and her methods of tapering off of them are very successful. i believe tranxene and dalmane are both tranquilisers. ... (17 replies)
... BENZO'S 16 YRS WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS? I have been taking benzo for Post Traumatic Stess Disorder for 16 yrs, for sleep and panic attacks, when all tricyclics, buspar and klonipin failed and in 1990 the only choice left was lithium. This was from full testing in 1990 from my psychiatrist at the Baylor College of Medicine, he said he had to do what he had to do at the... (17 replies)
... i would think post operative nerve pain would be physical, nerves were disrupted, but in any case, i dont know, but the benzo could make it worse. As my first post started, i dont know what is happening to me, but if you find the benzo you are taking relieves it, i would be suspicious. ... (9 replies)
... Read the Ashton Report, you can run a search and find it quite easily, it a great source of info for anyone wanting to come of the benzo's. Apparently Valium has a half life twice a long as Klonpin and 0.5mg of Klonpin is the same strength as 10mg of Valium, although the action of Klonpin is more drawn out. It's all relative, but your 10% a week sounds very sensible. I'm... (9 replies)
... TASTE during benzo detox. ... (14 replies)
... kfly, Giving a person Ativan after detoxing from Xanax & other benzo's sounds just plain wrong. It would be sort of like being addicted to Percocet and then c/ting then being told you can use Lortab with no chance of addiction. Is your doctor trying to wean you off? Does he think he took you off of the Xanax too quickly and that is why the Ativan? I would ask him your... (4 replies)
... I have been on benzos since 1995. I recently went inpatient cut cold turkey Xanax with a Serax comedown, come to find out that the second time I went in to psychological withdrawal, was given Ativan/Lorazepam which is a benzo - medications I want no part of anymore. Getting ready to move into a 90 day sober living home, to kick the Vicodin once more and hopefully get off the... (4 replies)
... I would agree with windysan, none is best as the effects from them may complicate benzo recovery. ... (33 replies)
... t out of all of them xanxe is the most addictive they have tons of sights you can go to on the net to look it up I go to and ambian is a cousin to the benzo family which also makes it addictive. So please be carful when taking these meds ask qusetions and do so resesrch. ... (17 replies)
... plan for a long standing tramadol addiction. I've read the sample detox plans at the beginning of this board but noticed they are geared more toward narcotic and benzo addictions. If i were to follow one of those plans, should I follow more closely to the hydro or benzo side? ... (2 replies)
... explain it depends on what form of benzo an how long you been taking them . with no info guess a few days to a few weeks. ... (1 replies)
... f the benzo's and that they can interact with Methadone they would have to stay at the 30mg dose until they tested clean. Well today is Friday and they said the benzo is still in their system. One of my friends is hanging tight and doing much better than the other who is really struggling. ... (6 replies)
... Detox for benzo withdrawal does not work and is very dangerous. ... (10 replies)

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