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... ks for asking, My story is I started using Hydrocodone for pain after an auto accident 2 years ago. About a year into it I knew I had a problem. Tried to taper and wean myself but always failed. Last year I did try a methodone clinic, didn't like the way it made me feel. Stayed on it about six weeks and went off. ... (25 replies)
... Wow, thanks for all of the info. And John, please keep posting! I didn't mean to be ugly to you or to Podee. I reread my post and it sounded pretty defensive and rude and I apologize. You were on it 2 years and you are off it now. Sheez, you are the person I need to hear from the most! ... (43 replies)
... I may be given another chance. i have been diligently working the program and finally beginning to get out of the trance that the clonidine patch puts me in, when going through detox. ... (14 replies)

... ding from bupe and took some benzos...almost died... ... (20 replies)
... Klonopin is not a narcotic. It is a benzodiazapene. It can aid in calming anxiety and sleeping. If used, it should only be used sparingly as addiction to benzos is a whole different animal and is regarded as being more dangerous to withdrawal from than opiates. ... (5 replies)
... I have immodium and some suboxone and benzos... . What does everyoen reccomend as being the fastest and painless way... ... (4 replies)
... Hi Linda- how are you? i was reading an article on suboxone-alot of interesting facts are surfacing now that the treatment has been available for 2 yrs.. There was a poll done-for those on maitainence-and 70% percent have trouble getting off-the medication. Patients are now seeking assistance-i.e.-detox,etc to come off- The slow taper is the best way off-but even so-its... (52 replies)
... a long period of time. i did it in just over a week starting off on 12 mg of sub on 1st day, then 16mg 2nd day, 12 3rd,8 4th, 4 on 5th day, 2 on 6th, 0.8 on 7th and 0.4 8th day. didnt feel any opiate high off the subutex so felt slightly jittery during that week. ... (3 replies)
... i finally understood where you were coming from with your post.i have to agree with you and i applaud you for the way you have handled your situation. ... (13 replies)
Xanax & Suboxone
Nov 16, 2004
... ve been keeping a drug "journal" to monitor everything that goes in my system.If you read the ASHTON MANUAL the Dr. who wrote it has an in depth tapering system and plan. ... (4 replies)
... not be sick daily etc.My finances are way improved and my outlook on life is better. ... (17 replies)
... I was on Sub for 7 days only and tapered off of it. ... (4 replies)
... ds, I was able to understand why he did it though, and forgive him. ... (32 replies)
... s long as they were permitted to detox me from benzos, which was not my problem. I had told them I was on .125 mgs of clonazepam for anxiety the past few months and they gave this info to insurance and this is what the insurance company stipulated. This was fine to me since it would get me in. ... (26 replies)
... ncy, so your hunch is probably correct, if she was asking for money for sub treatment, she probably has a dependence to opiates. People who use opiates often use benzos as well, to help them relax and unwind, or to help with withdrawls when they can't get opiates. ... (9 replies)
... I got home and checked my BP an hour and a half after taking the first clonidine. ... (15 replies)
... ch is that, while I have not taken any hydrocodone since April 12, I have been nibbling tiny pieces off of my Klonopin. So I don't feel that I am really "clean" and don't want to discourage anyone. ... (13 replies)
... Over, thank you so, so much for posting! What an inspiration you are. My last mg of suboxone was on Sunday, so perhaps we are on similar footing? ... (47 replies)
... ed you and it sure sounds like it has, then be grateful that there is a time in your life that you are able to take a medication that will help with withdrawals, and won't zone you out, and helps you with your cravings. ... (6 replies)
Suboxone round-up!
Nov 26, 2003
... restoril...the effects were stronger for me on the serax and if i took any xanax,man i could feel the full punch of those guys,1mg or 2mg......but a warning... ... (15 replies)

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