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... Oh mixing the two........................not a good my post regarding son's friend who mixed the pills and booze....20 yr old zombie................ (12 replies)
... I too remember the Karen Quinlan case. Geez I am old. It was in all the head lines. I have not researched, but I believe it was a very small amount she mixed. Only 1 valium....could only blink her eyes.... Any mixture of this sort affects different people in different ways. It only takes a small amount for some, while you see others do it frequently with 4 or 5 benzos. It... (12 replies)
... I was just wondering has anyone here abused liqure with benzos what are your experiences? ... (12 replies)

... oh giveing them the booze stops the wd, enough to get them there. ... (1 replies)
... Jennita, Internet benzo brain science and recovery is a world of it`s own, complete with it`s own creeds and terminology, and a wide range of claims and testimonies. I`ve done my homework. I`d say I believe about 25% of it, take 50% with a grain of salt, and reject the other 25. I told you my source on the receptor binding, check it out. I do not necessarily buy it myself.... (33 replies)
... I have read that magnesium use when weaning off benzos helps for the head aches... any one know how much to start with ? ... (2 replies)
... keeping things clear. I am a recovering booze addict who had a liking for benzos and pot. I have been off booze for over 6 years, and I am never drinking again. ... (5 replies)
... g you to "just take a drink" or "just take one pill" it is your addiction making its last effort to get you to use. Stay strong and focused, things like booze, benzos really cloud an opiate addict's brain, it is better the feel the hell and remember it well. ... (7 replies)
... NA program before and was successful until this heart surgery thing. I was wondering if the Buprenorphine would "allow" one to get drunk on booze and if benzos could be abused by one on Buprenorphin? ... (4 replies)
... hours. Instead I created a cross tolerance in myself. It would take more and more booze to get me drunk, and more and more klonopin to get me back to normal the next day. The progression was much more rapid than run of the mill tolerance building. ... (4 replies)
... The long term damage to neurotransmitters is a fact in my experience (at least when you combine benzos and booze). I am having a severe depressive episode as we speak, and it's been a long time since I took either. The episodes are stopped with the help of anti-depressants, but their effects take weeks. These times in between are pretty damned hellish, I'll tell you. ... (5 replies)
... I wish I had more answers for you. Have you been on the benzos since you stopped drinking? ... (6 replies)
... In referring to receptors, benzos are not all created alike. ... (33 replies)
... I never said never now! :) yes they can be and people do abuse them. I was just making mention that "abuse" wasn't the center of the problem with benzos. They are still a C5 drug. (12 replies)
... years. When I was 20, I felt like I had enough, and quit... that is, with the aide of alcohol, benzos, and pot. Soon enough the cravings were too much and the booze to unsatisfying, and I discovered opiates. ... (8 replies)
... I guess the fact that I am asking this question means that yes, I do. Just looking for support I guess. I have OCD, ADHD, depression and GAD (general anxiety disorder). I lost my mother in 2007 at a very young age and her death still haunts me. Right now I am in graduate school and lately I have become lethargic and just...feeling blahh. The stress is so much. I feel like I... (10 replies)
... I never went on subs as opiets were not my drugs of choice I was into booze and benzos. ... (28 replies)
... Yes, it is hard to walk away from a friend, but she is walking away from you...she has a new best friend, opiates, and her life will revolve around them. Personally I would say something to the effect of "hey, I am here for you if you ever want to get some help and change your ways", but really, sometimes you have to walk away for your own sanity...It's called tough love, and... (9 replies)
... HI jules Im 45 and yes Ive always had an addictive personality. Ill give you the short version. at around 18 I started in an about everything. booze, acid, benzos, weed, speed, coke.. anything you didnt need a needle for. I did most of it recreationally for about 5 years then freebasing coke got me pretty good for about 5 years on and off. so I did as your son did -... (58 replies)
... You will get better your body is detoxing itself right now lots of juice and water will help you. Good luck I think you have been here b4. Plus I wouldnt mix benzos with booze as that could be you next death sentence. Good luck to you get to a meeting or an online support group. ... (11 replies)

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