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... Beautiful points about not choosing to use and benzos really are touted as treatment! Also, well put that benzos don't need to be abused for one to be addicted, because the type of addiction is really more of a physical one than a mental or behavioral one. ... (128 replies)
... lable promotion is illegal and a company must state its intended use of a drug in a new drug application to the FDA in order to push it for other uses. ... (5 replies)
... I was reading the post regarding the use of benzos to help with withdrawing for opiates and I wanted to share what I was told by my DR. ... (18 replies)

... The thing is.....when you're taking opiates you are depressing your respiratory system. Add benzos to that equation and it's how people die. ... (9 replies)
... It all depends on the individual. But I have heard of people getting addicted to xanax after a few weeks of daily use (1 mg). Benzos are highly addictive and withdrawal symtoms are said to be the worst. I dont know this first hand tho, because I was scared by this info, and took benzo very sparingly when I experimented with them last month. I always took 2 days off between... (10 replies)
... Yeh, benzos can be wicked. One guy I know, a bodybuilder, hurt his back. ... (128 replies)
... with Howard. People put on benzos by thier doctors have not made a choice "to use". They have been prescribed these drugs as "treatment" and take them according to the prescribed instructions. ... (128 replies)
... I read the post about using benzos to help in the withdrawal process and I felt like I needed to share some information I recieved from my sub Dr. ... (1 replies)
... Interesting, I see insulting posts are allowed. What drug companies say and the reality of benzos is where you are confused. ... (11 replies)
... should really get back on the antidepressants I have... I just don't know if it's related to Xanax withdrawal or the use of Valium I am now taking. ... (2 replies)
... I stopped taking the benzos two days ago, as I really really don't want to get hooked on them!! Today I was really anxious, but managed. ... (0 replies)
... I was prescribed benzos once upon a time and before you know it I was addicted. Benzos are powerfull and highly addictive. Please be carefull and DO NOT USE FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. ... (2 replies)
... nd on another thread, we were talking about the Benzos. For the record, benzo's have always made me SLEEP! Like total knockout. I can't even imagine trying to use these on a daily basis. ... (6 replies)
... sporatic use of drugs for sleep only hinders this.... ... (128 replies)
... Hi BB, You & I have a few things in common, as far as how you are feeling, the "no drugs for me" thoughts, etc. I, too, am ready to give in & possibly try an SSRI. But I'm going to wait & see how I feel once I'm clean off the Xanax. Maybe I'll be in a better mood after I'm off. (I did actually try Lexapro last year for about 3 days...... didn't care for how I felt. ... (4 replies)
... During use of Benzos did or does anyone note an unusual slow heart rate? ... (1 replies)
... condition has deteriorated, or simply not gotten better, or was better then the meds quit working and they are at square one again. THis is not the story of only benzos but other psych meds like AD's. ... (128 replies)
... thanks howard you always help me you're feeling so crappy (to put it mildly) and you're helping me out you're such a great friend i think i'm gonna buy one of those machines you suggested hope your doin well i posted you on when does it end don't know if you read it thanks so much for all your info you must be like a dr or something lol hugs kelleigh (128 replies)
... I got to concede. Benzos may well have a place in a hospital setting. If sedation is needed, they are the best, safer than barbs which are more risky for overdose. ... (128 replies)
... the funny thing is they would'nt give me any form of blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure is so low there is this house i clean that i always use ther blood pressure kit lol and my pulse is usually about 123 everytime i don't know if thats high but now that i'm going through this my blood pressure is high for me but at a normal persons level i'll mention it to the... (128 replies)

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