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... Thanks for writing me back. I really appreciate all the support I'm getting from you all. It's great to have people who understand exactly what I'm going through. ... (15 replies)
... I had been following your story, but was unable to post as I did a boo boo and gave out my email address and was prevented from posting for a while..I really feel for you and do know that you are not alone in what you have done. ... (35 replies)
... Almost NO WD symptoms and great day with my family. Sunshine, exrecise, working around the house, really helped out, but for the most part, I am in the clear from physical symptoms. ... (8 replies)

... wals, as much as you may not agree, are nothing compared to what you'll go through down the road if you continue. What's worse is that since you are getting them from an illegitamte source, your source could dry up and you would be screwed big time. ... (40 replies)
... downright scary. I thought she was kidding, of course, but nope... My husband isn't a bad guy at all, but he's tired of my using and taking time and money away from the family to support this habit. He worked hard for our home, which is huge that's true but we really scrape to make those payments, and he's so proud of it. ... (51 replies)
... nyone traveling this path is 12 step support groups. Narcotics Anonymous has saved my life. They are a part of my family and a part of my daily life. Some of the best friends and best people you will ever meet. ... (33 replies)
... sounds like you are not on a high enough dose of subtex to me.i really believe that the best way to use the suboxone or subtex is for no more than 2weeks if possible. ... (6 replies)
... WD's from Bup. v. WD's from opiates in terms of severity, duration etc. I know you have more imp. ... (6 replies)
... ith my taper, and though I don't know what exactly has worked for me most, it seems I have made quite a large jump in a short time compared to most tapering down from the sub. I guess the fact that I feel good makes it a success so far. ... (8 replies)
Apr 11, 2004
... I have an intake appointment with the hhosital I was in before outpatient last time when I was detoxing from vicodin to "suboxone". Maintenance they have nothing to do with. ... (4 replies)
Rosie's update
Mar 19, 2004
... ster to come out to help, but not sure she can handle them. BUt things are slowing down, so if ever, the time is now. We are thinking maybe week after easter. Best case is my dad and his wife come out, but now that they have their own business, I feel bad asking. ... (23 replies)
... arted on suboxone. ive tried ct, rehab, tapering, aa, na, and this seemed to be the only option left. i am very hopeful. and that is something i didnt get, even from a 90 day voluntary stay at a rehab. every single person is so different. there are a lot of great people on here with great advice. ... (46 replies)
... mgs of oxy or hydrocodone per day. Insurance was going to pay for it as long as they were permitted to detox me from benzos, which was not my problem. I had told them I was on . ... (26 replies)
... morning in my usual withdraw state. Instead of taking a pill I flushed them. Still can't believe I did that. I am still crying over it. It was like I lost my best friend. So the withdraws continued and here's where I think I made a mistake. I took a small dose of suboxone to take me out of withdraw's. ... (12 replies)
... I know I am going to pay dearly for what I have done and I so hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope the Suboxone is enough to let me function during the first few weeks which, even with the Sub, I anticipate to be very ugly at best. ... (8 replies)
... How wonderful for you. a baby is truly a blessing from above! I want another baby, too, as soon as I get this addiction of mine kicked...AND I WILL. I decided to go the suboxone route, and so far so good. ... (17 replies)
... captnanny, congrats on getting out for a walk. I'm basically in teh same boat as you, and down to 2 mg a day of suboxone, and suffer from cronic pain. ... (11 replies)
... and then go on with your life. And as you decrease the dose, you can use a pill cutter to slowly taper your dose. It's very difficult to do that with Suboxone because there is also Naloxone in the tablet and you might cut too much Naloxone into your dose thus causing withdrawal symptoms. Not good. ... (7 replies)
Help Please....
May 13, 2005
... use they allowed me to keep working. Slowly over the last year I have had to take more of the pills to feel normal and I am now at a point where I just want out from underneath these pills once and for all. ... (5 replies)
How to stop oxy?
Oct 10, 2004
... dule. Physically, my body is unable to handle more than a couple of 40 mgs a I do not keep going up in the amount I take. But I do not even get a "high" from them...I just take enough to keep withdrawal at bay. I am desperately hoping the Suboxone will be the first step in relearning how to enjoy life as I once did. ... (3 replies)

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