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... her advice. A doctor skilled in prescribing Sub knows the ins and out of the drug and the best way to take patients off of it. Don't be deceived by 'how good' you feel...Sub works best when you SLOWLY taper off of it. ... (6 replies)
... all my records I went on suboxone, so I could work and not go thru WD's. Worst mistake I ever made. Wish I had gone thru the WD's with the oxycodone 30mg, Would of been over. Now I'm addicted to the suboxone, but that's another story. ... (14 replies)
... and done. That is when the fun started. In my opinion, Suboxone is a NASTY drug. Yes it helped me avoid SERIOUS WD symptoms, BUT it binds to the opiate receptors worse than anything else. ... (1 replies)

... your best bet is what g8r told you. ... (10 replies)
... captnanny, congrats on getting out for a walk. I'm basically in teh same boat as you, and down to 2 mg a day of suboxone, and suffer from cronic pain. ... (11 replies)
... I've never used suboxone but if you've read some of the threads on this board alot of people rave about it. From what I've read about it, you will not go thru physical withdrawal. May even feel high the first few times you use it. ... (8 replies)
... e process. I go back Tuesday for the "consultation" to develop a plan. It sounds like the 7 days and off is a bit riskier being a quit hit and done. The longer taper off sounds like a better route. I am sure wd's will come at some period. Been through a couple of strong times....not good. ... (13 replies)
... ttempt to not get emotional as I asked for support. Even as I write now I start to cry because this is HUGE for me. I feel like a failure for not being able to taper down wth doc's approval and now he says it wouldn't be in my best interest to quit cold turkey. I have a name of someone who prescribes the suboxone. ... (10 replies)
... A very low dose of sub will allow you to feel normal and live a normal life. ... (8 replies)
... lina and has a very pronounced southern accent and when she gets mad she says "I bloody well will" or some other such phrase. lol. I am glad to hear the words of encouragement. I am getting injections next month in my neck and shoulders. But you are right about the argument going on in my head. It is driving me nuts! ... (165 replies)
... I was addicted to opiates for 4 yrs., then found suboxone, on day 2 of completion of problem, I'm completely addicted to xanax!!! It started as a favor, moving a large quantity for a friend. ... (5 replies)
Sep 11, 2008
... new it would make everything better, but I just wanted in out, and wanted to be clean. It was just a long and drawn out process. So you're at 6mgs a day. I would taper to 5.5 mgs a day for one week, then 5 mgs a day for the next week, then 4.5 mgs a day the next and so on. ... (9 replies)
... Well it has started. I took my last dose at 7 o'clock last night. I woke up this morning in my usual withdraw state. Instead of taking a pill I flushed them. Still can't believe I did that. I am still crying over it. It was like I lost my best friend. ... (12 replies)
... You can, and will if it's something that you really want. I know people have mixed emotions when it comes to suboxone, myself included. I was off of it for 2 weeks then had to go back on it because of the way I was feeling. It's hard to explain. I was going through a major depression, and my body was crazy. ... (4 replies)
... hours I begin to feel achy and crappy. I have run out of money, and I do not want to continue on this path. I really don't want to do cold turkey because I cannot take time off of work. ... (9 replies)
... Sherry, it seems like that's the magic question. I have read a FEW success stories of people coming off of sub with little or no problems. My Dr. has a taper plan where you're supposed to taper 1mg a week until you're done. But I'm just so scared from what I've read.. I'm having trouble going from 8 to 6!! ... (17 replies)
... i am so happy for you. This is only one of the ways to get clean. Dont forget you have a long road ahead of you trying to get off the sub. Please set up a great taper plan with your Sub Dr. that YOU like. I have had a few friends get "taken" by the sub DR. ... (25 replies)
... Well, I'm not sure what I will expect. BUT I have made a decision to taper until I go completely off. ... (5 replies)
... I am taking...magnesium 250 mg tabs...twice a day. It helps greatly with a multitude of things. ... (33 replies)
... Yes, unfortunately the DRs who presribe it are only required to take an 8 hour class that is taught by the manufacturer of sub therefore very biased. They are told that there aren't WDs associated with sub. ... (6 replies)

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