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Bi Polar Disorder
Dec 14, 2003
... Hi there, I have bipolar, and have been taking lithium for about 15 years, went though ten years of hellish depression before then, long long story. My depressions started as post partum but went way beyond that, having a baby just kicked it in. Only my opinion but if you do hve bipolar you should be on lithium or one of the substitues like depakote (never taken this... (4 replies)
... Last year after a break in at 3:45 in the morning waking up to a man in my kitchen robbing us, I had a break down. This and dealing with post pardum depression caused me to go into a spiral down cycle. I immediatly saw a Dr. who asked me all sorts of questions about previous depression and anxiety and quickly labeled me with Bi-Polar disorder. He gave me an anti-anxiety med... (4 replies)
... I have a very severe anxiety disorder and I am familiar with some of the symptoms that you describe. ... (4 replies)

Please help me...
Nov 14, 2008
... polar disorder and depression for which I am on 17 meds a day. I have been seperated with no intrest in anyone 'till I met him. ... (14 replies)
Bi Polar Disorder
Dec 14, 2003
... Are there diffferent types of bi-polar? I was also diagnosed bipolar about 2 years ago. I stated taking tri-leptal and seroquel and remeron. I felt they did nothing for me but i took them any way. I didnt think I was bipolar though (no mania...ever)- My mother is bipolar and I have SEEN what mania and SERIOUS suicidal and homicidal depression does to a person. She takes... (4 replies)
Bi Polar Disorder
Dec 14, 2003
... r days I don't sleep and I take ambian and klonipin mt dr's say it is from the abuse that happened when I was a child I am diagnosed with boarderline Personality Disorder and P.T.S.D. ... (4 replies)
Is he using
Aug 25, 2010
... s need to be ruled out unless you have absoilute proof that he uis actually using would be he could be actually suffering from at lkeast some type of a real mood disorder which would kind of play outr with many oif the 'symptoms of behaviour" you have mentioned too? ... (4 replies)
... polar disorder is periods of substance abuse, including alcohol. ... (12 replies)
Twist of fate
May 28, 2004
... found out in researching SSI was that mental issues are frequently approved. My wife has many problems, cancer x3, lupus, fibromyalgia, and not to mention being bi polar. The main issue for disability was the lupus but we really emphasized the bi polar disorder. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks to EVERYONE for your replies......They are very helpful to me!! I wish there was an easy way to dectect if someone is using or drives me crazy wondering is he or isn't he??? In the past, when I know for a fact when he was using he did have more noticeable lots of energy, more talkative...ect. Now I don't notice those so much, just the... (31 replies)
... I just got nervous because I was doing a lot of reading on people that get very angry over small things and a lot of people suggested Bi Polar disorder but I am actually studying mental health in school and a big focus was people with Bi Polar disorder and I have to say I really don't see me having it at all. ... (4 replies)
... Polar disorder to drugs last year. It was the hardenst thing I have ever done to watch his torment and self distruction. ... (165 replies)
... y I've actually tried to in the past...just didn't work. However, when taken in the right amounts, it actually works for me, by controlling the mania part of my Bi Polar. ... (14 replies)
... Hey Guys and welcome to my cyber home! I have found refuge and strength in this board and the friends I've made here. I had no idea that this type of cyber community existed until I stumbled upon it one day. That day changed my life. Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Christy - 25yr old recovering opiate addict. My habit was 800-1000mg a... (1 replies)
... HI everyone! Sorry for not posting to this thread in a while. It takes quiet a bit of energy (that I don't have at the moment) to share my journals. I did, however, want to let everyone following this thread that I've started seeing my psychiatrist again. When I was getting HIGH, I stopped taking my "mental med's" (antipsychotics and Benzo's). The med's are for the... (33 replies)
... HI Friends! I went to my psychiatrist yesterday (02-22-06) and began the medications I stopped taking when I was getting high on pills. I am currently on an antipshycotic, antidepressant, and Benzo's. All of the medications are used to treat the following disorders that I have: BI POLAR DISORDER BOREDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER PTSD I... (33 replies)
Did I Cheat?
Dec 5, 2005
... Okay, 2 am and I'm up, apparently by myself. So I'm amusing myself by looking up mental health jokes online. Heh. Yeah. Okay. Hello, and Welcome to the Mental Health Hotline: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. (9 replies)
... Every morning I sit here writing, surrounded by children and pets, the sun's rays slanting through the eastern windows, and the world seems so perfectly placed on its axis, with no fear of a tilt that might throw us all off course into some other world, an unknown universe with no color, void of texture and substance. Later, the quietly ticking 100-year-old clock sitting... (155 replies)
... ry since this crap can contain just about anything imaginable that could be toxic to the brain in some way.there can also be and has been some sort of underlying disorder there for quite some time and this drug just 'hit' on it and brought it out to the surface. ... (12 replies)
Leave or stay?
Oct 10, 2005

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