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... ask is because if you want to be clean, it shouldnt matter. Every day that you stay away, you will be that much cleaner. Good luck in your tough fight. I know how it is. ... (13 replies)
... Hi I haven't been here been for awhile I need information on how long cocaine stays in bloodstream.Stupid question I'm sure I just want to know. I relapsed and I am not happy bout it. I was doiong so good for so long and I got weak. ... (13 replies)
... I was clean for 1yr had one slip up.I am not actively using I have a sponsor,therapist and a loving husband. I am back on track now I am just scared that the one stupid idiotic time will screw things up it's been 2wks since this happened and Im due on the19th. I do not want to harm my child I feel ABSOLUTELY horrible....I know that I am strong I got weak that is all. I have no... (13 replies)

... nd drugs in the mother. And yea, CPS will step in and try to take your baby if it's born with drugs. You can be arrested and thrown in jail. When are you due and how long have you been using? ... (13 replies)
... You had every right to say what you did. I messed up big time.All I can do is start all over. I am going back to outpatient treatment and my husband is here to support me.Thank God...I just want to get back on track that is all. I messed up and all I can do is start all over.I need to be honest and talk to people and do what I did the last time...the more support I have the... (13 replies)
... Since the baby will be in the womb for withdrawals hopefully it will be ok. Everything is mostly already developed by now too, which is good. I did research on how long drugs stay in your system early this year for a drug test for a job. Do some searching on that and you'll get some more factual numbers. ... (13 replies)
... Tamara, I am glad to be here for you but I dont want to play 50 questions. Know what I mean? You need to tell me streight up what your situtation is. What is going on with you? I'll wait for your honest answers then we all here on the boards can help. Always Your Friend, Marilyn:wave: (13 replies)
... aby taken away...I am able to stay clean with the help of God and my husband but that one mess my cause me to lose my child that is why I am so worried about the cocaine being in my bloodstream. And you have been a great help thank you for responding.We need more people like you that care. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks and I will be here on a regular basis.This message board really does help!!!Thanks to you all!!! (13 replies)
... t path. Don't beat yourself up too much, but definitely learn from it. That baby's going to need a strong mommy, and it sounds like it will have one. Let us know how things are going. ... (13 replies)
... thought that people would look down on me for relapsing andnot thinking of my child.Believe me I deal with the regret and the anger of what I did. I didn't know how people would react.WOW now I feel better that it is all out....So can anyone help me? ... (13 replies)
... Actually it is my doctor....I have an appointment and I am scared that it will be in system and I dont want the doctor to take my child away.Otherwise my husband knows as well as my work...I keep no secrets from both of them.They are both helping me get back on track I am very grateful for that. I guess I should be honest with my doctor right. (13 replies)
... Hey there. I used to conduct drug screens and coke will in most circumstances be undetectable after 72 hours. As with intermittent use. Please dont beat yourself up. Hope your mind is at ease now. Good luck. (13 replies)
... Tamara, If your going to the Dr. for a routine exam or even a problem, he or she will not order a drug screen. They may order a cbc (complete blood count) lipid profile (cholesterol) and other normal blood tests. You will know if he or she is ordering a drug screen if you have to sign a release of custody and a waiver giving them permission to do the drug screen. Let me... (13 replies)

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