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Beginning Subutex
Jun 14, 2006
... If you were on sub for a very long time, the chills and sleep difficulties seem to take a lot longer to feel ok again. ... (20 replies)
... i gotta admit that i was one that NEVER thought about the cons of suboxone until now so i admit i was wrong and apologize to anyone i made mad.i did alot of research on ineternet before i made choice to use sub. and back then all the sites said you will have very mild w/ds after you taper me it seems that the w/d from sub/bup are magnified and last longer and... (21 replies)
... So.....what would you advise someone now who is in full addiction and will suffer w/d's if they reduce their pill intake? Afterall, addiction is ruining so many of our lives and we are all so desperate to get control back and live life the way we did before the addictions that is why we can leave one rock uncovered and I thank you Spark for having the courage to say what... (21 replies)

... bup.been on sub since may 1st started on 16mg and have tapered since down to 1mg and now am down to 0. ... (21 replies)
... Hi Sparkie, Um, if you read my post again, you'll see that I'm agreeing with you. I'm saying that when I went off suboxone I had *horrible* withdrawals, even though the Doc said I would not. They were extremely bad and took over a month to even begin to subside. I felt fine on the suboxone, but horrid coming off it. I hope that clarifies what I meant, 'cause my... (25 replies)
... wakeup,i hope it works for you like the dr says but if the dr hasnt been addicted to opiates for several yrs and then put on suboxone for several months, then all he knows is what some college boy with a cheap necktie has told him to say about it.maybe it will work that way for ya,but everyone on here has had bad w/ds from the sub/bup and the maker of the sub/bup say that once... (25 replies)
... days per month at the moment, so I had scheduled the Bup or Sub switch for the first week of it. But if I am not off of IT by the end of that month, I will be in big trouble. ... (17 replies)
... life of bup is only 10 more hours than of the McContin. ... (4 replies)
... ha if i knew this i would be a millionaire i guess,but i guess a person might be just as well to taper off the doc and go with the catapres patch and the other meds that they say helps with w/ds,i really dont know but this wuld be one way without sub/bup/methadone-spark (21 replies)
... rudder good to hear from ya,and you are describin all the same w/ds that i have and i swear man if the w/ds from sub/bup are not worse than regular opiate w/ds then they are right up there with them.ive tapered pretty slow over the last 2months havent used nothin and still it is hard to give it up.why did doc take ya off like he did,and probably was the best thing to do really... (21 replies)
... hey gang i was just wonderin those of you that have tried to get off sub/bup what kind of w/d symptoms did you have and for how long.the ones i have are feelin to tired to move,cant quit yawnin,stomach rollin,brain dizzy,but no diareaha.also would like to add that after one week i felt no better at all*spark (21 replies)
... bup withdrawal thing.also do you think that after a person has been on sub for several months that after you are off it for awhile that you have the same feelings off opiates as before. ... (25 replies)
... felt virtually nothing. It's not what I FELT that counted, it's what I DID NOT feel, which was withdrawal symptoms. I could not believe it. ... (27 replies)
... I mean, Bup is the main ingredient... but I was just wondering. Because a doc to prescribe Sub has to be lisenced. Anyway, yes... panick attacks, but you need to have heart tests, etc. to rule out a true heart problem. ... (4 replies)
Apr 19, 2005
... of the normal withdrawal stuff like sweats, body aches, anxiety, feeling depressed, nausous, severe headaches. By the end of the first week I had a headache and body aches. ... (9 replies)
... which is one of the main reasons people don't quit. More people are probably using right now just to avoid withdrawal then to actually get high. ... (32 replies)
Oct 11, 2011
... fficult to withdraw from because it contains an opiate, Buprenorphine. The other ingrdient in it is Naloxone somehow provides a ceiling effect from opiates. The Bup is what causes the discomfort in withdrawing. ... (15 replies)

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