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... and I don't know what to do anymore. Its hard to think straight when your in wd's most of the time. This could be my last chance to detox of the methadone with buphenorphine because I guess if you take more than 30mgs per day you can't do it that way and I tried to cut down on my own and its hell. I did it slow too. ... (1 replies)
... mg and i get filled at the pharm...its cheap stuff...but besides addiction,ive got a chronic back problem...for me its better than the subox..cause buphenorphine has a ceiling pain effect..i was on it for 4 years..... ... (24 replies)
... on 50 - 70 mg of methadone for chronic back pain/ addicted to heroin 84 and in 99....was cheaper to buy than pills/ to cold turk the heroin cause my dealer was shot by two w/d-junkies....i hate to say it,from my heart,but thats what saved me.....tried buphenorphine for 4 years to save my marriage(which i did not)...i lost... (3 replies)

Sep 15, 2003
... boy oh boy...did i have an goes...was on buprenex(parental buphenorphine)ffor about 4 years off and on....mostly on...couldnt afford the trips/med/doc anymore and ran into a closer doc two months ago...we chatted and with my addiction/chronic pain(lower back/discs)he suggested methadone....last two months been on 50 mg.rollin around to 70 mg...stable at 50... (38 replies)
... d's when its time to quit...i think he could prescribe buphenorphine or talwin...they'd react different in the receptors than hydro or oxy's,the most frequently prescribed pain med.... ... (13 replies)
Suboxone info
Aug 25, 2003
... they need a special drug costs around 3000 to find buphenorphine in your are a.o.k. if you check....not!... ... (22 replies)
... when i first stated taking buprenex four years ago, i had just came off an addition to my opiate pain pill abuse and that was heroin...buprenex is the liquid form of bupenorphine,the kind you would get in the hospital..that is the way the pain clinic i went to dispenses the product...anyways, i intermusculary injected a 1 mil. vial 3 times a day(the way it was... (13 replies)
Suboxone on Sun.
Aug 9, 2003
... i wish you guys success with the subox...i was on buphenorphine injectable for 4 years before they even came out with subutex and does seem like a miracle drug but it isnt... ... (11 replies)
... its late....some folks are up though...i own a cafe in 43 and been into opiates since 1984..reinjured my back in 1989 and dealt with alot of emotional pain,death,ect...used the drugs dual purpose..back problems and addiction...i was marriied for 12 years..two girls 9/12..miss em very wife divorced me cause my addiction went from pills to heroin..only way i... (15 replies)
... it and get high....thats baloney about getting high cause i used intravenously the buphenorphine for yaers and never got high..only had a sense of well being...they add it so you cant use other opiates and feel the effects... ... (3 replies)
... if you inject pure buphenorphine you will not/i repeat, you will not get sick.I was on buprenex for 4 years. (84 replies)
... just kiddin...been using drugs my whole life..started when i was dad died and my mom pushed me on a high school teacher friend who molested me and screwed me for life on that issue...have done all drugs..lsd 25,blotter,mescaline,coke,heroin....was clean for 3 years after my dad died,went thru a certified exec 1989 re-injured my back and became a... (7 replies)
Jul 23, 2003
... how long have you been taking opiates and what type/quantity...there may be other ways of dealing with your addiction...yes, to the question if you have been getting your beans off the doesnt matter where we get them,only that we are addicted to opiates...i have been on buphenorphine and it helps in the recovery process if you have made the commitment to be opiate... (2 replies)
... also, i relapsed over and over on it...i had the injectable buphenorphine...its called buprenex...i got it before the fda approved...i was in a special program that started 5 years ago...if i ran out of the buprenex id go get some pain meds but it didnt do the same thing for a few days cause of where it goes in yoiur brain,to the mu and kappa parts....its not really a god... (37 replies)
... hope...buphenorphine is a pain medication,opiate....if you take it to lets say get off pills you are subbing one opiate for another...i was on the stuff for 4 treats moderate to severe pain, in europe they found it was good for treating heroin may feel a little euphoric the first couple times you take it but other than that you have alot of energy and... (37 replies)
... its been a challenge for me over the last 19 years...i was on buphenorphine 4 years ago when i got in a special was called buprenex...straight form liquid that they taught me to self inject intermuscular... ... (4 replies)
Xanax + Oxy
Jul 17, 2003
... your wife took it well....mine divorced me,left me homeless...i had just built a 300,000 home and lived in it for a week....i was eating 40 tabs a day, next day eating 4 40 mg of now on methadone after a 3.5 year of buprenex(buphenorphine intermuscular injection)....can see my kids whenever i wish but no longer have the family i once did...addiction cost me... (6 replies)
... also ive found that we all could have saved lots of money by doing the 12 step,ect. and understood we are addicts...that there is no easy way out, including subuxone,subutex,buphenorphine,buprenex....any way we go we will detox and have w/d' be very,very strong and be prepared to have support available.... (6 replies)

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