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... ed getting that warm fuzzy and euphoric feeling we all know and love a long time ago. Another thing that that helped me to not want that high was the Buprenex. Buprenex or any form of Buprenorphine for that matter does not get you high!! ... (6 replies)
... friend of mine knew a doctor who prescribes it so he took me to him. With my father paying for my doctor visit and the medications I came home with 150 amps of Buprenex . ... (6 replies)
... But would you not agree, Oxycontin doesnt make you feel as clear headed as the suboxone? And with oxys you have to continuinually go up on your dose, not so with suboxone. As a matter of fact less is more with suboxone AND you do not feel high at all on the suboxone as you would on oxycontin. I dont really think you can compare the two, can you? That statement just thru me a... (15 replies)

... cryyellow...i was injecting buprenex for four years to try to maintain...its an opiate just as methadone....i believe you meant .3ml vials...that is what i was on....3 a day to start..... ... (15 replies)
... will never touch a pill again unless i had to cause my problem is two fold.....i also have a bad back.... ... (15 replies)
... Then they gave me just 1 2 mg pill under my tongue. ... (27 replies)
... i am sober after 32 years of usin....everything that god has given us addicts to it heroin,coke,pills,benzos,mushrooms,acid,lsd,mescaline,tab t,pcp,liquids,opiates,pot(back in the early 70's)thai stick,columbian gold,budweiser,ect,ect.........methadone twice for year/s...suboxone,subutex, dont give up till you wish to stop livin the lifestyle or all of... (4 replies)
... le, it was better than lortabs for me. It 'hid' my problems just like lortabs did and I also felt like I could accomplish anything... but it only took one 10 mg pill instead of 5 lortabs. ... (15 replies)
... hours, so what i think happened was when it ran its course out of my body I went into withdrawls. Once I call him and renewed my perscription and took that first pill 15 minutes after I was feeling better and I was able to sleep that night and since then. ... (27 replies)
Suboxone on Sun.
Aug 9, 2003
... e injectable for 4 years before they even came out with subutex and does seem like a miracle drug but it is a opiate just like any opiate pill and the only good it does is break the cycle of taking large volumes of opiates...ive been reading alot of these posts lately and it got me thinking... ... (11 replies)
Beginning Subutex
Jun 16, 2006
... then I switched back to buprenex to do my final taper with precision. ... (20 replies)
Beginning Subutex
Jun 15, 2006
... absorption via the bloodstream, therefore a 8mg sub pill is only like getting 2mg or 2.66mg dose of buprenorphine. ... (20 replies)
... has a ceiling effect meaning after you take a certain quantity nothing happens to you medically..its effect only go so high...if i had pain and took an ampule of buprenex and then took another,i would be wasting the second one,the first wil only do so much for my it does good for a addict who tries to consume x amount... ... (33 replies)
... suboxone was the doctor at that clinic told me all about buprenorphine and the wonders it brings to pill addicts and heroin addicts..we are all the same ...its opiates we do like..he told me i would be on it for a period of time...transition from the heroin.. ... (16 replies)
Aug 15, 2003
... was on maintance buprenex for 4 years to get off the opes..... ... (9 replies)
... when i first stated taking buprenex four years ago, i had just came off an addition to my opiate pain pill abuse and that was heroin...buprenex is the liquid form of bupenorphine,the kind you would get in the hospital.. ... (13 replies)
Beginning Subutex
Jun 14, 2006
... ndance". Its better to think of this med as a treatment rather than a cure. Just try to be careful and remember that this is just another drug and not some magic pill or cure for addiction. ... (20 replies)
... depend on that pill everyday....after years of addiction,i dont need to take a subutex over addiction mentally,if that makes sense... ... (12 replies)
... hey whaley....i like to post also but being the chef of your own business can be tough...trying to take breaks when i can, come into thr office and read the a 43 year old addict...been using opiates fairly heavy for the last 13 years...used every drug except x-ctacy and khb or whatever it is...old school,pot,acid,mescsaline,tab t,crystal t,all the 1970 stuff gave... (2 replies)
Jul 30, 2003
... e dr. to put me on the suboxone will be all you need i think but i'm not a dr.the straight form may be to strong i dont knoe i have never took the buprenex just the suboxone,also you cannott swallow any of the medication as it will make you veryvery has to dissolve under the tongue. ... (31 replies)

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