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... d off the junk....i hate to say it but that saved my life....went back on the pain med's and sought on buprenex which is injectable bupenorphine, same as butex or suboxone, which certain docs can now helps you get off the pills, and then you wean off of it.. ... (25 replies)
... tact. 5 years ago my pill supplier was shot and killed for his insane is it to take 30 lortab 10's or 30 vicodin e.s. at one time...with no water... ... (13 replies)
Suboxone Question
Jun 22, 2006
... Over, Yes its a pain med, but it really isnt all that strong as far as reducing pain (Or taking your mind off the pain) as full agonist opioids are. Naloxone is NOT absorbed SL however trace amounts are still absorbed via the stomach. Even if you spit out every drop of saliva while sucking on a sub there will still be trace detected. The Naloxone makes up about 25% of... (14 replies)

Jun 18, 2006
... i was on one time up to 120mg...i weaned 5mg a week and got down to 20mg..went three days and jumped on subutex...previous times i did buprenex back in 1998/2001 which was injectablwe bupenorphine...suboxone has the naloxone in it so you cant inject the pill...subutex is straight bupenorphine...i was on methadone back in 1984 for a year dont want to... (32 replies)
... sorry....also this is a good source of recovery info just dont expect an answer right away...some folks post in a.m. some at night.....anyways,besides methadone for maintance there is bupenorphine,subutex,buprenex...subutex is a pill(sub-linguial and it is a long acting opiate...half life is 48 hrs...the only ways to quit opoiates is cold turkey or... (22 replies)
... ch i thought was a long time back then...swore id never take meth 1989 i started takin opiates for the disc probl and then it turned into a full blown pill poppin expedition.... ... (22 replies)
... ive visited this board for an ex-opiate major league addict..tried for years to taper....quit cold turkey....ect..been thru withdrawals so many times its hard to sleep....diahrea...kickin leg syndrome....chills.....flushes......every symptom opiate usage has known to man has occured to me....i thought i could taper....not...i tried... (7 replies)
Hydrocodone arrest
Apr 20, 2005
... y. I have a great addictive specialist doctor who is helping me get info together so I can do this. I am even going to start in schools, teens need to know about pill addiction just as much as we do. ... (38 replies)
DCV Checks in.....
Jan 14, 2004
... methadone and bupenorphine are the only two drugs that are used for opiate maintance...nows theres the quick detox naloxene and other ones in that department that put you in acute w/d's and then you work on sobriety,shoot they even have implants that they put under your skin and you take a couple oxys and zap..nothin...the only other way to quit is c/t or taper and then c/t... (27 replies)
I had to take one!
Jan 13, 2004
... subutex from buprenex the parental drug....i was a guinea pig for the program the u.s. of a. now has with bupenorphine... ... (37 replies)
... comes in pill the clinic they give it to you in juice..i did that route also a long time ago...i see my doc every week and get a script... ... (6 replies)
Nurofen plus
Aug 29, 2003
... contain a quantity of codeine..i dont remeber how much, wasnt my pill of choice,i would only take them if i couldnt find anything else and its been years since i did codeine... ... (4 replies)
... anyway i have never tried the buprenex injections that you talked about but i have been on the suboxone since may1st is very likely that it is why i am still alive today. ... (8 replies)
... oh, i agree whole heartedly that it has positive attributes such as financial...i was spending 8 dollars a pill off the street and id take 40 a day... ... (37 replies)

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