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... You need to be at 30mgs or less and be stable before you can make the jump to buprenorphene.Also when your ready to move to buprenorphene you need to be in withdrawls.Try and stay off the methadone at least 2 days or longer if you can before starting the buprenorphene. ... (6 replies)
... Way to go all of you,buprenorphene is fast becoming a gold standard for addiction.I was actively addicted for 22 years and had an exceptionally high tolerence so buprenorphene wasn't in my cards but methadone was.It's been 4 years now and my life couldn't be better. ... (3 replies)
... I would look into buprenorphene as cold turkey usually ends in failure.The buprenorphene will take away your withdrawls and cravings allowing you to resume your life without being stoned. ... (21 replies)

... Suboxone is a wonderful drug to help with opiate addiction.It takes away the patients withdrawls and cravings while leaving them with a clear head.There is no "high" with buprenorphene(suboxone,subutex) so the patient can get on with their life.Buprenorphene is addictive and has to be detoxed from the body.A slow detox is best with the patient getting down to .25mgs a day... (7 replies)
... She should look into suboxone(buprenorphene),this drug is making a big splash in the addiction recovery world.If she's failed at rehab then she needs to try something else.Buprenorphene is tailor made for people like her that are addicted to hydrocodone.Look it up in google.She needs help asap.....Dave:) (4 replies)
... Amy, can you take buprenorphene???With this being your third time around maybe you need to think about getting some professional help.If you google suboxone you will get all kinds of info on it (buprenorphene=suboxone,subutex).There is also a doctor locator on the site so get a list of prescribing doctors in your area and start calling for an appointment.This drug is tailor... (18 replies)
... If you've failed at cold turkey then try the buprenorphene it's tailor made for people with the problems your experiencing.... ... (5 replies)
... ell ms christy you and I would make a good pair.I was using 3,000mg of morphine a day before I started on methadone.Your definately going to have to go on either buprenorphene or methadone if you want to get your life back in order. ... (26 replies)
Vicodin Question
Dec 22, 2005
... Actually I'm on methadone for pain and addiction.I take 370mgs a day and it works great for my pain and I don't use any other pills.I have been on opiate pain killers for 25 years with the last 3 on methadone.I have worked closely with my methadone doctor on methadone and recovery, so I try and lend a hand when I can.You must remember that detoxing off methadone is a very long... (22 replies)
... and jump over to buprenorphene and go from there.They are both good drugs for the right people..... ... (16 replies)
... e with Reach. A taper is discipline and you have invested in so much because you want to walk out of this one without hopping onto another drug, like suboxone or buprenorphene or libruim or lithium or whatever which one. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks for everyones replies! Where do you get buprenorphene and how long should I plan on feeling like crap? ... (8 replies)
... Look into buprenorphene!!!!!it will relieve you of your cravings and all withdrawls while you get yourself back on track.Only use it for a couple weeks then taper down.It has been used very successfully this way.Good luck and hang in there.....Dave:) (8 replies)
... A 1mg a week taper is ok until you get to about 50-30mgs then you will have to slow your taper.This is what most people find,that at 50-30mgs they need to start taking 10% of the dose off once a month.So if you're at 50mgs then 10% is 5 mgs.So you drop down to 45mgs for a month.If your stable then drop another 10%,if you still feel unstable after a month at 45mg then either... (2 replies)
... I'm with slipper here Opiate.You need to educate yourself about HCV as it can be fatal if you don't look after yourself.Shootin crap into your viens is not a healthy lifestyle and will not help you keep the HCV in check Hydrocodone is not oxycontin,oxycontin is oxycodone whixh is the opiate in percocet.Hydrocodone is found in vicoden,Loratab ect.They are not the same drug.I... (6 replies)
... Buprenorphene and benzodiazepines can cause respitory failure and that's why most doc's don't like their patients on them.....Dave:) (9 replies)
... You have to accept that your addicted Hydrohelp and until you do your just going to keep taking pills and feeling like crap.You need to set a date and build yourself up for the date.Read as much as you can about hydrocodone withdrawl or any opiate withdrawl.When you feel ready then do it.You will feel terrible for 4-5 days,after that you will start to get noticably better... (6 replies)
... Have you looked into buprenorphene treatment (suboxone,subutex).This drug can take away all the withdralws and cravings and help get your life back.Google it and find a list of doctors in your area and start phoning for an appoinment.Good luck and hang in there,there is help out there....Dave:) (12 replies)
... Methadone is really for hard core addictions.Buprenorphene is what most addicts should try first.Good luck to your boyfriend.....Dave:blob_fire (1 replies)
... No, you need to see a doctor who is certifide to prescribe buprenorphene(suboxone,subutex).Google it and you can get a list of prescribing doctors.Good luck.....Dave:) (24 replies)

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