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... if butalbital is a barbituate, it acts on the gaba receptors in your central nervous system. this is exactly what the xanax does. ... (15 replies)
... I will agree that everything I have read would point to safe use of this drug and there shouldn't be a dependence issue, but I also know my symptoms are very real when I stop it and that medicine has no rules so I could be an exception. ... (15 replies)
... so I just don't see how I could become dependent on it. Wouldn't I be in withdrawal right now if I was dependent on the Butalbital despite the Xanax? ... (15 replies)

... life for butalbital is an average 35 hours. ... (15 replies)
... I believe Butalbital is a long acting barbituate- same as Valium- not sure of the hours involved. Xanax is short acting- 12 hours and therefore much more harder to get off. Does Esgic Plus 3 contain the tylenol with codeine #3 in it as well. You can be WDing from that as well. Tapering probably is the best way to go....Xanax is definitely not a good trade off... (15 replies)
... e SWEARS this is all in my head. I will admit it is probable as I am a very anxious person, but for some reason I just can't get it out of my head that it's the butalbital causing this. The symptoms are just to weird and unlike my "usual anxiety". ... (15 replies)
... Hey Fire, I can only tell you that I didnt have any problems when I stopped taking it. They had me taking it when I was having migraine type headaches, and nothing other then pain meds seemed to actually work for me (It ends up I had a bulging disk in my neck w/3 bone spurs in the same area to boot). The difference between us though is this. I had was taking the medication for... (3 replies)
... Looks like there might be a connection there. My neurologist told me that, that is only really for migraines (but I have read that its not great for migraines) everything always contradicts what its for and since I cant take the new drugs like zomig or any drug in that catagory thats what I was given. If you think you might have a problem and you say you usually take 2 at a... (15 replies)
... You know it could have been the caffine in the pills causing anxiety too. Now that I can pronounce what esgic I have taken that too. For some reason it just clicked. Sorry about that. I dont know what I called fenabarb, but now I know esgic is generic. I never noticed any signs of dependance nor anxiety while taking it. but like I said I never took it if maybe once a... (15 replies)
... Tapering would be easy for you even if you do take 2-6 capsules a week. Which days do you take them? For example, you can start now by taking 1 less capsule a week and go from there. The secret to tapering off a long acting drug is to taper to take less when you reach the half life. Today you take one capsule - skip 2 (36 hours) days- take one capsule - skip 2... (15 replies)
... If your Dr wont listen to you I would request a referral to a neurologist thats what I did and they will be more familiar with the drugs than your dr and can treat you properly whats what I did. Also instead of taking 2 cut back to 1 and see if that helps you some. Check with your ins. company you might not need a referral for a neurologist but everyone is different. But... (15 replies)
... you're right, klonopin or valium is the drug to taper with-definitely not xanax! it is a very short-acting drug, and you can get used to it very quickly. you should probably do a search on the heather ashton benzodiazepene manual. it will tell you all you need to know about how dangerous benzos are-especially xanax. i'm definitely not trying to scare you. i am very informed on... (15 replies)
... Yes, Esgic is a Barbitruate. The withdrawal syndrome and addiction potential is about the same as benzo's. In fact you can substitute a Benzo for a Barb for a taper although usually they use valium or klonopin. This is all what I've read, I am no expert (yet). :) He did prescribe Midrin for the headaches to replace the Esgic. (15 replies)
... Esgic is a combo of Tylenol, barbituate and caffine and is used to treat headaches its in the barbituate family. I have been given something simular and was switched to midrin too. Barbs are highly addictive. (15 replies)
... what is "esgic plus 3"? is is a narcotic, a tranquilizer? drs. will almost always deny you are addicted to whatever you are taking-they are either ignorant of the fact, or don't want to take responsibility. xanax is a very addictive drug-a benzo. this is the hardest drug to withdraw from. on a very small dose you can become dependent. i speak from experience. if you usually... (15 replies)
... He also gave you kinda a high dose of xanax too my dr would only give me .25mg to take 3x's per day. But I mostly would just take one at bedtime ONLY if I was having anxiety as you I too dont want to have a problem with a benzo as they are hell to get off of. So I wouldnt even take what the Dr told you to take I would take maybe .25 or .50 if thats possible and see if that... (15 replies)
... I just researched this drug before I posted we have simular stories. I googled the name of the drug. This is a highly habit forming drug and shouldnt be taken more than 2 days/wk and no more than 1 tab at a time. So maybe your dr should research that what your going through truly might be w/d. I was given fenabard (I'm not sure about the spelling) and it has the same... (15 replies)
... There is one thing you might want to ask your doctor about. I used to take Fioricet, which is Butalbital with caffeine. It gave me the jitters something fierce. He switched me to Butalbital without caffeine, which HAS helped with the shakes. ... (10 replies)

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