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... Hey Fire, I can only tell you that I didnt have any problems when I stopped taking it. They had me taking it when I was having migraine type headaches, and nothing other then pain meds seemed to actually work for me (It ends up I had a bulging disk in my neck w/3 bone spurs in the same area to boot). The difference between us though is this. I had was taking the medication for... (3 replies)
... if butalbital is a barbituate, it acts on the gaba receptors in your central nervous system. this is exactly what the xanax does. ... (15 replies)
... the butalbital has a much more of a sedative type of effect on the body,kind of like taking a valium would? ... (3 replies)

... Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms when stopping Fioricet/Butalbital. I don't know if I'm going crazy or what but I feel like there is pressure on my chest and hard to breathe as well as anxiety, jittery,can't focus, spacey,depressed. I don't know if it is from stopping the pills or just anxiety and depression in general. Can anyone share thoughts or experiences with... (3 replies)
... so I just don't see how I could become dependent on it. Wouldn't I be in withdrawal right now if I was dependent on the Butalbital despite the Xanax? ... (15 replies)
... life for butalbital is an average 35 hours. ... (15 replies)
... I believe Butalbital is a long acting barbituate- same as Valium- not sure of the hours involved. Xanax is short acting- 12 hours and therefore much more harder to get off. Does Esgic Plus 3 contain the tylenol with codeine #3 in it as well. You can be WDing from that as well. Tapering probably is the best way to go....Xanax is definitely not a good trade off... (15 replies)
... e SWEARS this is all in my head. I will admit it is probable as I am a very anxious person, but for some reason I just can't get it out of my head that it's the butalbital causing this. The symptoms are just to weird and unlike my "usual anxiety". ... (15 replies)
... My dosage was 50/40/325/30. Butalbital/caffiene/aspirin/codeine. I was taking between 8 and 10 a day and I cut down 1 every three days and took them at the exact same time each day. I know the codeine had some effect too, but having had migraines all my life, I have withdrawn from opiates before and it was a "walk in the park" compared to barbituate. I loved the feeling it... (17 replies)
... I rarely post anymore but the butalbital caught my eye. I got off of it about 4 years ago and I know what you are going through. It was tough! ... (17 replies)
... "Oh man, the pay pay pay we are doing for all the quick fixes!!!" Very well said Karen, I have had countless thoughts about what if I had never taken that first pill, which at the time I thought was a miracle drug because it kills the hurt and makes you feel so good in other ways as well. I've only recently admitted to anyone else that I was an addict. That in itself felt... (17 replies)
... Hi Bitsy, Just in case you didn't know, Fioricet is made up of aceteminophen (tylenol), butalbital (a barbituate) and I believe it has some caffeine in it as well. It also comes with codeine is you see it as Fioricet C1/2. Substitute the acet. for aspirin and you also have the combinations under Fiorinal. There is also something out there without caffeine. From my... (5 replies)
... nelin Forte capsules are a prescription drug. It's very similar to the migraine pill "Fiorcet". Fiorcet is butalbital, tylenol, and caffeine. The Phrenelin is butalbital and tylenol. The butalbital is a pain medicine, which helps the dilated blood vessels that happen with a migraine. ... (39 replies)
... There is one thing you might want to ask your doctor about. I used to take Fioricet, which is Butalbital with caffeine. It gave me the jitters something fierce. He switched me to Butalbital without caffeine, which HAS helped with the shakes. ... (10 replies)
Aug 6, 2003
... Hi, My name is emu, I'm new to the forum, I suffer from chronic pain due to diabetic neuropathy. I used to use fioricet with codeine for many yrs due to chronic migraines, but no longer take it. Fioricet with codeine has butalbital, caffeine, and tylenol in it. Fiorinol with codeine has butalbital, caffeine, and aspirin in it. Both are short acting narcotics, highly... (7 replies)
... Hi fnyc1, I have struggled with Fioricet off and on over the years so I can tell you this much. Fioricet contains Butalbital, which is a barbiturate. If you've been taking the drug for a prolonged period of time, quitting cold turkey can be very dangerous and result in seizures. However, any drug that has been in your system for fewer than ten days is okay to just quit.... (3 replies)
... Hey, great info from Jayday. Caffeine is the ingredient in fioricet, along with butalbital which is a barbituate and tylenol which is acetominaphen. Take too much and you will cause seizures. ... (18 replies)
Fioricet Addiction
Jun 24, 2010
... I agree with jonnstar. You may be tapering too rapidly. Going from two pills a day to one is fairly drastic. I would try cutting the pills, and maybe try going from 2, to 1-3/4, to 1-1/2, to 1, to 1/2. You have to wean off of Fioricet slowly as it can cause seizures. Do be careful. I have been having problems with both Fioricet and Vicodin for the last few years, and the... (18 replies)
... I was taking both the Fiorinal w Codeine WITH Lortab. The only side effect you are likely to have are rebound headaches. You will get bad headaches that will make you want to take more..... you have to get thru them. They can be worse than your migraines. Mine were HORRIBLE!! (3 replies)
... The dose you have been taking shouldnt cause any major withdrawl symptoms, but just to be safe, cut the dose back over a few days, from 3 pills per day to two pills per day, and then to half a pill twice a day (3 replies)

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