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... well ovb coming off of WEED and any drug is going to cause depression, when i just quit weed coldturkey i didnt seem to have a problem, i had some depression, Anxiety, and couldnt sleep for a few days, but in time it goes away... ... (12 replies)
Nov 5, 2005
... ve now realised this is the affect of long term weed abuse, Its not coz i am to stoned to get out of bed its coz i am too scared, anyway i started weaning myself off the weed again and am this week stopping altogether, very nervous about it, i had three spliffs today, 2 in the last 6 hours. ... (7 replies)
... i was just asking if anyone knew that antidepressants caused any of this after coming off of them, i didnt just jump from WEED to heroin... i was addicted to oxy for awhile, then i stoppped everything, including my antidepressants, and had a relapse.. on pills and heroin.. ... (9 replies)

... Cat- welcome.You need some love/compassion right now-no beating yourself up-i do it myself-i totally understand-but your not a **** up-you like to get high. What did the pot do to your heart?Or was it the coke? Its tough coming off weed-esp.when you have blown off all the other stuff-"marijuana maintainence"-they call it in AA... How much were you smoking? It is very... (9 replies)
... I know someone who does wake up everyday and smoke and just cant quit its ruining his life he wont even go look for work or go to job interviews at very good companies because of drug tests and he wont even quit for that. PLEASE do this it sounds like your pretty determined and thats a great start. I think coming off any drug will cause some depression your mind is just used... (12 replies)
... oint, but look were we are. no one needs to be reminded why they signed up, we need and seak help. expressing ourself and writing about it is a way we can get it off of our chest. ... (20 replies)
... Pretty stupid question but i cant answer it. Im 16 and i do cocaine at least once a week and weed everyday when i do coke its like all day and night. I always do my coke with weed too. Latley when i do it i get really sick when im coming off it. ... (5 replies)
Nov 6, 2005
... age. My dad has smoked nearly30 years and we NEVER EVER knew, i only found out coz he walked into my sisters when i was 16 nd caught me with a spliff, he took it off me and smoked it himself and told me not to do it!!! ... (7 replies)
Second Go
Jan 16, 2011
... out. doin this cold turkey again. Never did hear back from my frind with the morphines, but like i said Im sour about that now, and im determined to cut myself off starting right now. Morning ill have some aches. ... (219 replies)
... but the mom still gets buzzed on booze or weed and does benzos!HYPOCRITES!!!! ... (6 replies)
... the Meth scene here in my town. After awhile I kinda just got tired of it all and quit. But it was always on the back of my mind. I'd never had a bad experience coming down or getting caught so I still felt that it wasn't that bad. ... (3 replies)
... thanks everyone for replying to my post. without people who understand exactly where i am coming from... I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW! though i have not been clean for that long i am still extremely scared to relapse. ... (14 replies)
... months ago when a friends boyfriend offered to let me try some cocaine. I'd only drank occasionally and smoked weed about 5 times before that so I'm not very knowledgeble about drugs, especially harder drugs. ... (4 replies)
... I have been smoking marijuana for the past 15 years and my husband is coming home from rehab and I have to quit! I am soooooo scared to quit. ... (11 replies)
Apr 1, 2004
... It sounds harsh coming from the laid back weed lifestyle you might have, but really, to get over pot addiction, you need to put in A LOT of effort. ... (7 replies)
... o ask you one thing, and I hope it doesn't sound critical, because it's not meant that way. I'm sure you have good friends, but do they know you're trying to get off the tram and do they know that you don't want to smoke again because of the upcoming drug test and your baby coming? ... (6 replies)
... am and I am tired, I got my husband off to work, and now I am pooped. ... (5 replies)
... but I really think time away from his job will take a lot of the pressure off of him. ... (18 replies)
Just my story
Sep 19, 2001
... told me if I ever told anyone that they would come back after my family and me, so I kept everything in. I remember watching my dad literally bounce my brothers off the walls and I was scared of him. Him and my mom would get into arguments especially when he drank, so I leaned toward my mom for protection. ... (5 replies)
... and he said that the key to fighting off addiction and still having a good time is to switch your drug of choice every couple of weeks. He was kidding...sort of. ... (5 replies)

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