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... HI Feelbad The Hepatic Panel was repeated last week- I saw the GP today I think he said the GGTP was 108. Pain Clinics per se in Australia are hard to come by-there are long waits-then the idea is that they put you on something then write to your GP who then manages your pain. Many Occupational Psychians see people with pain but usually not ongoing just like a... (22 replies)
... i am just a bit confused here about a couple of things.number one,i 'think' you are inadvertantly interspersing oxycontin for oxycodone since i know they do not actually make a 5 mg oxycontin.why the codiene? ... (22 replies)
... so in theory this would add up to a total of 20mg daily. On the THursday morning I took one 10mg Oxycontin and was wiped out for the day that evening I took 5mg Oxycontin instead of the 10mg as directed, I did take 2.5 mg of Endone though just thinking it would take the edge of things... ... (22 replies)

... before this I was on Oxycontin but this somehow got changed when I was in hospital at one stage. ... (22 replies)
... at that stage he put me on 80mg oxycontin twice a day... ... (22 replies)
... what I am taking now is 5mg oxycontin 3x daily and supposedly panadiene as needed... this is how I worked out that the GP had dropped my total dose of Opiates by 10mg daily. Is this correct? ... (22 replies)
... HI Slippy Slope and Feelbad Thankyou for your responses. NO, I don't think I have an addiction as yet, as my GP reminds me the way I dropped from 80mg to 20mg/10mg twice a day unsupervised was amazing. I think he just wants me to get on some Medication that suits me, before he changed me over last week the Endone 4x daily was wiping me out (but then I was having heaps... (22 replies)
... quite frankly,you would get much better overall relief from the endone than the oxy at only 5mgs.i cannot believe they actually go thru the trouble of manufacturing this. ... (22 replies)
... taper from a Oxyconting SR. I had thought myself if I was still on the Endone 20mg daily I could reduce in 2.5mg doses over several months.... ... (22 replies)
... like on Saturday when he told me to drop to 5mg Oxycontin twice a Day what from the previous dose that was around 25mg Daily plus added condeine etc.... ... (22 replies)
... I have been an addict for many years and have heard of just about everything. But you had me stumped on this one and I had to do some research on it. Endone is oxycodone. Oxycodone and oxycontin are the same things which verified my suspisions. OxyCONTIN is a slow release form of oxyCODONE. ... (22 replies)
... hey patty,just how long ago was that hepatic panel done on your liver?this could be from a few different things but it really does need to be followed up with a repeat set soon just to see if there is any trend going on with the liver.just precautionary,it is a bit higher than it should be.were your kidney labs done at that same time or recently?it wouldn't hurt to just follow... (22 replies)
... I don't have a true handle on tapering off Oxycontin and its extended release properties because I had stopped using that long ago. ... (22 replies)
... Hello Patty Nice to meet you. Welcome. Patty, there are so many stories on this board. However, in my mind, there are two groups of us. Those who started with opiates for recreation and those who started with opiates for pain. The only difference is our starting points. We have all ended up in the same boat... we have a problem with opiates (or other various drugs... (22 replies)
... Hi I have been on endone for abt 2months now,and the dr has just stopped prescribing me.Im addicted to them coz I love the way that they make me feel. ... (6 replies)
... g that the opiates give me n hep c cant kill you,only in prob 60 years time if u r unlucky,n the drs have told me that.the dr knewq nothing abt me shootin up the endone and by the way endone is hydrocodone which is the same as oxycontin.he took me off it so i wouldnt get addicted but its too late,i am! ... (6 replies)
... Hello, I am not familiar with endone and have never heard of it, what is it? ... (6 replies)
... I'm with slipper here Opiate.You need to educate yourself about HCV as it can be fatal if you don't look after yourself.Shootin crap into your viens is not a healthy lifestyle and will not help you keep the HCV in check Hydrocodone is not oxycontin,oxycontin is oxycodone whixh is the opiate in percocet.Hydrocodone is found in vicoden,Loratab ect.They are not the same drug.I... (6 replies)
... Patty I am not sure of what kind of patches you are referring to in your post. You mean pain patches like fentynal patches? They are pretty common here in the states. Perhaps someone here or on the Pain Management Board will be more famililiar if it is a new product out. I used duragesic patches a long time ago... put on the skin and pain meds released slowly. They... (22 replies)
... HI Sorry I meant to say this is the previous post-isn't there suppose to be a new "patch"- I know the GP gave me a piece paper (last week) with it's name but I have lost it- it comes in varying doses - i.e. 5, 10, 20mg, I think it suppose to work on the principle of constant slow release much like some of the HRT patches. Has anyone heard of this, know about... (22 replies)

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