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... Chef's right. However, I believe since there is no 'high' associated with the Bup (Suboxone/Subutex), then it is easier to wean down and I don't think the wds won't be as bad as cold turkey on morphine and/or Bup. The difference is the tapering process. It's very difficult to taper on a drug where you feel a high because you think 'just one more high and then I'll stop'. ... (19 replies)
... ompares to other DOCs in relation to half life, length of withdrawals, severity of withdrawals, etc. Also, would it be best to substitute another opiate for the morphine and then taper or ct off of that? ... (6 replies)
... I am 35 and have been taking 100mg of morphine 3 times a day, I have recently cut it down to 2 times a day and just deal with the pain. ... (6 replies)

... turkeyed' from a 240 mg a day morphine habit about 4 weeks ago. I don't envy you my friend. It was the worst thing I've ever been through. ... (19 replies)
... area dont wont to deal with me and the only place that will, wants me down to 200 mgs a day before they on full disability from the hiv and was getting my morphine from the manufacturer under the indigent plan. ... (19 replies)
... t the accompaning pain meds that would not require you to have to solely rely on strong narcotics.i hope this helps you somehow.I wish you alot of luck with your withdrawl morph,whatever way you decide to do it.we are always here for you,day or night.Keep us posted. ... (19 replies)
... It is very odd that your doctor refuses to give additional Rx for your medication. and also angers me they didn't give you referral to some sort of recovery clinic. Check aroung to find a addiction recovery specialist near you. Even if not real close, they may be able to help you over the phone? Morphine is like any other opiate. The longer the use, and amount- the more... (6 replies)
... Please, can anyone supply additional information about morphine to Rhonda and me? ... (6 replies)
... Please, can anyone supply additional information about morphine to Rhonda and me? ... (6 replies)
... fill. Generic Morphine isn't real expensive and would be a good alternative. ... (6 replies)
... kick the habit cuase it's gonna cause long term problems, your back is gonna ache like crazy and your gonna get the kicks and so on.. it's gonna feel like your having a fever! but you still have to kick the habit go see a doctor and try to get on the medication call "Buprenorphine" it's another substitute but it's easier to get off with next to no withdraw symptoms (19 replies)
... ive been taking around 240mg of morphine 4 times a day for over 6 yrs and am going thru withdrawls, any one know any secrts to ease the pain? ... (19 replies)
... Hey there Dan. Congrats to your partner for getting through 5 months morphine free. Sorry to hear he is still experiencing the restless leg syndrome. ... (4 replies)
... I am going through opiate withdrawl right now myself. I quit taking the duragesic fentanol patch cold turkey and that is supose to be stronger than morphine. I am 13 days into it now. ... (4 replies)
... scan done. It showed that he had spikes of activity on the left side of his brain. They started giving him Phenobarb and Morphine to ween him from the Vicodin because he was withdrawling. ... (7 replies)
Detox time line
Jul 8, 2005
... but I took morphine in abundant quantities for over a year. And I am here to tell you, coming off of an obscene amount of oxys, the morphine withdrawl is worse. ... (27 replies)
... disease addiction,you have to be SO CAREFUL...anyway,thanx again,all of you...gonna take it easy again today...seems like the worst part of the withdrawl is over... ... (12 replies)
... So I was using Morphine for about 3 years and quit cold turkey in mid January of this year. After about a month I relapsed due to extreme depression. I was constantly depressed. ... (3 replies)
... when told to go to NA when in the middle of withdrawl doesn't do it. Thats for after youv'e detoxed. I went cold turkey after yrs. ... (12 replies)
... they gave me a shot of morphine. And the last time, they did that, plus the rx for the 8 pills. The morphine really did the trick for me, started wearing off after about 12 hours though. ... (5 replies)

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