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Choice vs. Disease
Feb 25, 2004
... Christin, I would NOT start back on hydros before going to the doctor. I would not take the Sub for depression alone. It's for chronic relapsers... If you can stay off of hydros, then all you have to do is find a good antidepressant and maybe go to NA/AA meetings. I really would not be a prisoner to suboxone if I didn't absolutely have to. It works for people who just... (17 replies)
... He's also in NA and AA and working the steps so life is good for our whole family. ... (16 replies)
... at your choice was AA, but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't misunderstanding you. The reason why I thought I was mistaken was, I have always thought that AA was only for alcoholics and that only they could attend AA meetings, but I guess I was wrong. I am glad to hear that it isn't that way anymore. ... (26 replies)

... I'm also feeling really alone in this....I've been to AA and NA and do not feel welcome once I say that i'm on suboxone. ... (165 replies)
... I'm also feeling really alone in this....I've been to AA and NA and do not feel welcome once I say that i'm on suboxone. ... (165 replies)
Rehab qualms
Jan 20, 2007
... I checked into two 30 day rehabs, groups, an outpatient rehab clinic, AA, NA meetings and I will share my take on it. ... (5 replies)
... Sincere, Read your post, and I've been there. Sometimes, it was like auto-pilot. I would be driving to the pharmacy, praying to have an accident, or for someone to stop me. Crazy, huh? I finally realized that by the time I actually PICKED UP the pills, my mind was caught in a ritual I had performed a million times. Pills were ALWAYS my response to pain. Pain + drugs =... (9 replies)
... I became very successful those years for I was finally back to my full potential, the problem was I got involved in AA mostly, and NA,CA,PA,GA and SA. My greatest dedication was to AA for I found more recovery and less warstories. ... (3 replies)
Rehab qualms
Jan 18, 2007
... Hello, I struggled with a heroin addiction and overcame it on my own, sort of, but I seem to just substitute one thing for another. I was prescribed adderall for "ADD" and I fell in love with it - it made me more creative, sociable, energetic, and simply euphoric. Of course I completely abused it, eating 20 mg tablets throughout the day like tic tacs. I didn't even realize... (5 replies)
... Christine, Thank you for your words of support. Part of the rason I haven't gone to a meeting yet is because I'm nervous about it and when I told my boyfriend that tonight he told me that he will go to the first meeting with me and show me the ropes. (he hasn't followed any 12 step program, but he has been to meetings and knows the program) He has a list of meetings in our... (9 replies)
... Hooray for your one week! I know that every day (God, sometimes every hour) counts and 7 days is a HUGE The first time I attempted to get sober I argued with my boyfriend over 14 days vs. 12 days of sobriety - I wanted those the weekend I spent in rehab to count, he disagreed. Sounds petty, hun? But when you are hanging on by a thread, that is BIG... (9 replies)
Need some advice
Jun 21, 2003
... e down.the only way to do it is to wean yourself down.if you have been using pain meds for longer than a couple of months your an addict.youll use the med.aa and na have the same you have control over using pain meds? ... (3 replies)
... had a kind, compassionate doctor who was also in recovery. When it got so bad that I had to do something he sat me down and we had a long conversation about use vs abuse. I knew the difference, I just wasn't sure I could follow through. ... (3 replies)
May 2, 2009
... I think I read you said or someone that they have more energy also. So i think this will be a pro..... vs con. ... (25 replies)
Am i an addict?
Jul 17, 2004
... Much can be debated about reefer. I know from experience that the stuff makes you stupid. Just take a look at a veteran stoner and see for yourself. I don't condone smoking the stuff and I don't smoke it. I've done my share and I found that, yes, it does alter the brain/personality/all that. As far as addiction goes....well, maybe a psychological addiction. I can take it... (17 replies)

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