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What is subtex ??
Oct 26, 2003
... Subutex is the same thing as Suboxene, but it does not contain the ingrediant, Naloxene (sp??). My doctor told my the Naloxene will make you sick if you take it with narcotics (it's to prevent you from using while on the sub). I know the Naloxene also prevents someone from snorting or chewing the sub- you would get sick also. The subutex, what I am on, is just the... (13 replies)
... that's why people don't have withdrawal symptoms until day 5, etc. The naloxene keeps you from getting any energy buzz or high off sub and or any other pain pills one might take. All they do is make you sick. ... (4 replies)
Suboxone feedback
Nov 19, 2003
... Murphy, I am not on suboxene- I am on subutex. I think if I had taken the Norco and had been on suboxene- I would have gotten sick. My doctor told me suboxene has an ingrediant (naloxene sp?) that prevents one from abusing the suboxene and puts them into withdrawals if they took narcotics while on it, on the otherhand, there is subutex. It is basically the same thing as... (33 replies)

Suboxone Role Call
Oct 25, 2003
... Michelle, I hope you don't mind my saying so, but the Naloxene (or whatever it's called) in Suboxone does NOTHING if the Suboxone is taken appropriately (dissolved under the tongue). It's in Suboxone to keep addicts from trying to abuse it. If it's crushed, chewed, etc. it goes into effect and makes the abuser very very sick. It will not send one into withdrawals if taken... (35 replies)
... tion problem so if I have to take sub to keep off of the pain pills, so be it. I didn't really get high off of the pain pills like I used to, something about the naloxene in the sub sticks around. Changes your brain chemistry I'm afraid. That's why I'm trying to take the smallest dose. ... (13 replies)
... 12mg is a massive dose of suboxone. I wish you the best in getting off and I know you can do it. 2nd chance wrote: "Podee was wrong in another post when he said the naloxene (sp?) wears off within minutes of when you take the sub and only affects that suboxone you just took. It lasts in your system for 72 hours" The naloxone component in suboxone does not produce a... (4 replies)
... i forgot one other thing.......they put the naloxene in suboxone for a it wont be i asked the same thing to my new doc last june cause i was on buprenex for four years...... ... (15 replies)
... The reason the doctor asked you not to take anything is so that he can determine what mg you will be stable at- he wants you in withdrawals! He will administer the first dose (probably 4mgs) and if you don't feel better he will administer more and so on until you feel "normal." I did take some pain meds while on the sub, but I am on subutex, not suboxene. Subutex is... (33 replies)
DCV Checks in.....
Jan 14, 2004
... methadone and bupenorphine are the only two drugs that are used for opiate maintance...nows theres the quick detox naloxene and other ones in that department that put you in acute w/d's and then you work on sobriety,shoot they even have implants that they put under your skin and you take a couple oxys and zap..nothin...the only other way to quit is c/t or taper and then c/t... (27 replies)
Suboxone Role Call
Oct 25, 2003
... Hope, I agree with you- if taken properly NOTHING happens, but my doctor did tell me if you take narcotics with the Suboxene, the Naloxene, (sp??) will make you sick. J3:16 (35 replies)
Suboxone Role Call
Oct 25, 2003
... Julie, Read my response under the post "Hey Julie" started by Alleycat- the one dated 10-24-03. I gave a step by step account of how starting on the sub was for me. It should answer alot of the questions you were asking. The difference between the Subutex and Suboxene is the Suboxene has an ingrediant (Naloxene sp??) that will put you into immediate withdrawals of you... (35 replies)
... I think its called Naloxene SP? ... (41 replies)

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