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... I started the taper at about 60mgs of Oxycodone a day. ... (5 replies)
... I am embarrassed to be starting yet another thread about trying to taper from oxycodone. ... (74 replies)
... Actually they put fioricet on schedule II now. It is a narcotic and it contains a barbituate called butabital. I knew people who was addicted to them but they always caused my muscles to spasm too badly. ... (3 replies)

... effect I'm having from the Suboxone are headaches, but they are not unbearable. I have done a ton of research on the net about Suboxone. It is classified as a Schedule III narcotic and is addictive. So, there is the potential for abuse. ... (6 replies)
... there are actually 5 schedules and lyrica is listed as a schedule five non narcotic.i just looked on the DEA web site.the difference between the schedules and being a controlled substance are really ather confusing at best. ... (12 replies)
... to increased pain and tolerance to the medication. I was never happy about having to be on this medication and I've been telling my doctors that I wanted to come off of it for over two years now but they always just brushed me off. ... (3 replies)
Ultram Taper
Dec 10, 2005
... ible. Even if you are just tapering a little bit down at a time, the dosage is still dropping and that is what matters. Plus, I am a big believer in taking the taper schedule at a pace which you are positive you can handle. Even if it takes you awhile to taper... ... (11 replies)
... hen I went on vacation to MO. I just got back Saturday. If you are serious about quitting the Vics and you can handle your pain condition with something else non narcotic for pain you should be able to taper on the amount of Vics you have left. ... (7 replies)
... I had a very difficult time getting off the Ultram. ... (14 replies)
... I was on Tramadol on and off for a long time. At first the docs said it wasn't a potent drug... ... (3 replies)
... I made up a taper schedule for myself that took about three weeks and which was based on what I had on hand. ... (8 replies)
... Of course you have a chance, anyone can get off this stuff if they want to. Methadone is not one of the easy ones, I will be completely honest with you about that. ... (6 replies)
... then taper another pill for one or two weeks, and so on. ... (15 replies)
Suboxone Worries
Jul 16, 2007
... I was on Xanax for years. Sometimes 30 mg a day. Thats 15 2 mg bars. I stopped cold turkey and didnt have an issue. I also take 24 mg Suboxone everyday. It stops withdrawal and doesnt give me a high at all, Zero buzz. I switched from Methadone and my last dose of 30 mg was 20 hours. I took 8mg a Suboxone and almost died. Much worse than cold turkey x100. They only thing that... (30 replies)
Suboxone Worries
Jul 14, 2007
... However the sub is used, you are going to experience withdrawl. There is just no way around it, Friend. None. The best plan for coming off it must be up to you. ... (30 replies)
... first, I want to tell you that you are doing so utterly unbelieveable in you tapering and attitude under some adverse conditions to be sure. I was fortunate to taper under as ideal conditions as can be imagined and it was very, very tough. ... (5 replies)
... SH....getting off of oxy is compared to getting off of heroin. It is one hell of a "jump down" from oxy to vicodin. You gotta start at an amount that is not lethal though, because of the tylenol in loratab. ... (9 replies)
Mar 16, 2008
... t I thought was pains in my heart, but it also took over my entire chest area and into my arm and my rib cage so I was fearing heart attack. My heart was beating off rhythm a lot and I was experiencing muscle twitching a lot, my legs, arms, back... ... (0 replies)
... day worked for me. Well, about 15 days ago, I started my taper from the Suboxone. I got a taper schedule from my Dr., but I didn't agree with it, so I pretty much made my own. And it went better than expected. ... (6 replies)
Hey GINA----
Feb 15, 2006
... You just got to quit, tapering off isn't gonna work unles syou have someone who is a stone and will only give you what your taper is when you're supposed to take it. If you have the bottle to control you will just take what you want when you want. ... (95 replies)

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