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... Last night, I did a google search on narcotic withdrawal and got even more scared. ... (11 replies)
... I am currently addicted to prescription narcotics, and have been suffering horribly from withdrawal symptoms when i can't have them. ... (7 replies)
... looking for some help in trying to ease the pain of withdrawal from prescribed narcotics. I was taking dilaudid pills everyday for 6 months due to severe ulcerative colitis to manage pain. ... (3 replies)

... thank you all for the advice. I have considered going to my university health center, but am concerned about repercussions. Still, it is probably a good idea, and it can't hurt to go and ask for information. Inderal is related to clonidine, they are in the same class of drugs - beta blockers. So thats the reason i'm asking about it, since I know where to find it and... (7 replies)
... you say the w/d's are excruciating yes...they are for all of us...ive been on opiates on/off since 1983....ive had many w/d's....too many.....a/a or n/a helps to surround yourself with folks whove been down this route before....they offer good advice,not that we dont.....but we all need support outside of here......youll fight this disease the rest of your life day by... (7 replies)
Ultram Withdrawal
Jun 29, 2013
... t the hard way about my dependency issues when I quit taking the Tylenol with Codeine and the Vicodin I had been taking. Whoa.....I was thrown into a cold turkey withdrawal that I will never forget. ... (6 replies)
... months... it's been a build up from 1 pill to 7 over the 2 years... I've tried 14 other NON narcotic meds for my migrians over a 10 year peroird... I get Nerv blocks and Botox treatmeant for my mirgains as well... ... (16 replies)
... is prescription and might be covered by one's insurance is better than street or illegally obtained narcotics. The naloxone component should block any ancillary narcotic use. ... (28 replies)
... I've given him all the advice I know about otc and prescription meds that can help with the withdrawal, and he asked me about butophanol...i may have spelled that totally wrong... ... (3 replies)
... erm use of demerol builds up a metabalite that will cause a seizure or damage his kidneys. If he abused fentanyl he would certainly abuse the demi to prevent the withdrawal that is going to happen. They are both in the same class of opiates. He's going to be one hurtin pup when he runs out. ... (14 replies)
... The only safe way to detox off of this large a dose of this strong of a narcotic is to taper down off of it over a period of time. ... (16 replies)
... I can tell you that when you are titrating down on the morphine that what you will experience is withdrawal but also what is called "rebound pain" It occurs whenever the level of narcotic pain medication is dramatically reduced or taken away. ... (16 replies)
Hydro, Oxy?
Jan 12, 2005
... is in a class of drugs called narcotic analgesics. It relieves pain. ... (3 replies)
Aug 20, 2003
... tox to get off ultram as well as other pain meds that get abused! When it comes to the opiate addiction Philster is the one you want to take advice from!! ... (9 replies)
... the withdrawals......dont have many of them question is this, will vicoden even help towards the withdrawal of not having methadone.....just enough to get me out of bed and carrying on my life...just half the way I am used to........ ... (9 replies)
... wal. It is a vicious cycle. With the complication of self cutting, it sounds like you would best be served by seeking professional help for your depression and withdrawal symptoms. ... (12 replies)
... nd the same. Her dose was also relatively low, but found she could in no way function without them. She and I are both on suboxone dealing with back injuries and withdrawal from narcotics. ... (13 replies)
... hi, i myself am addicted to vicodin for back problems but i got some REAL good advice from this board ask your doc to detox you slow i was taking 10 vics a day now i'm down to 4 5 mgs a day...this is my plan get off the vics. ... (6 replies)
... I am going to counselling for depression so I know I can get some help there. When you say I just need to tough it out do you mean just go cold turkey on the narcotic pain killlers, no tapering? ... (12 replies)
... Lortabs are very strong and the side affects can be heavy...IF your taking care of your grandkids...ITS A BAD idea to be on narcotic pain meds because IT DOES impair your thinking and motor skills. ... (7 replies)

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