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... Hi, I broke down and called the pain doc, and he did not give me any nausea meds. He just told me to up the dosage of the detox meds he gave. One is called Clonopine, and it is actually for high Blood pressure! The other is called Baclofen and it is suposed to help with the restless legs and fidgets. Anyway, I don't know how all that is supposed to help but I will... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone, So far the tappering from Methadone has not been that bad. I have not had to experience any diarreah or any of that, probably from being the exact opposite for so long. Every now and then I get the fidgets and anxiety, but the non-narcotic meds my Dr gave me for that usually help. My pain level is great almost no pain at all except the usually nerve... (9 replies)
... It is better than it was. The other day it was an all of a sudden just nausiated and then bam throw up but I did go to PT earlier that day and I have been having soreness form that. ... (6 replies)

Oct 21, 2005
... he truth Addy I don't know if I am in pain or not, I am so medicated how would I know. One bad thing with the oxys when they are snorted they make me sick I get nausiated and throw up not a lot of fun and I ask my self what the F and I doing this for. ... (27 replies)
... For now I just try and breathe through the tough times but I don't really know how much longer I can do that. I even felt nausiated from the pain today and had to lay down for 3 hours till it passed. ... (15 replies)
... I take Cymbalta and I really like it. In the begining I was nausiated and had head aches, but for me that all went away in a week to 10 days. ... (5 replies)
Better Day Today
Jul 9, 2007
... Hi Randy, My name is Chrissy and I am not all that familiar with your story because I have been out of town and had some computer issues that kept me away far a while. That is sooooo cooool how our recovery friends will do those things for us. I actually looked at the calendar and I am exactly 60 days away from my 3 years clean and sober birthday. I had almost 4... (4 replies)
... Hi Guys and Gals, Reach thanks for the support! Hey Mike I did have some left and I asked the doc what to do with them and he said take them to the pharmacy and I did that when I picked up the other stuff yeaturday and they said flush them or toss them in the garbage disposal. I thought it would be cool to watch them go spinning down the toilet so that is where they... (9 replies)
... Food! I was feeling nausiated later and took some more anti nausea med before bed. I feel pretty good this morning. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks Southbeach, I think I am going to go to the store this morning and get something. I have a counceling appointment that will take about 25 mins. to get to then later I have Physical Therapy. I am also supposed to call my Pain Doc because he wants me to stay at 10 mg's for a while insted of going down 5 mg's on Tuesday like I usualy do. This will require me to... (9 replies)
... I've had some severe nausea lately and forced myself to eat a couple of crackers in the morning before taking my vitamins, etc. I also take pepto bismal pretty regularly. It helps. I hope you feel better! (9 replies)
... Hey Chrissy You are going to be just fine, there are a lot of people who get the wrong idea about Meth cause of the horror stories associated with misuse that leads to abuse, I was inferring that Meth gets a bad name because of the people who abuse it, that's all. In the beginning, I dropped down 5 mls at a time just like you, then in the last few weeks, I dropped down 3... (9 replies)
... Hey Kadee, It was me who posted about Hazeldon. I get a daily reflection every day and I lve it!! I am glad that you like it to. I am not increaseing just staying at the 10 mg's longer. I was at a total of 25 mg's and I am now at 10. I was going down 5 mg's a week, but after talking to the Pain Doc yesturday he want me to stay at 10 and not go down to 5 mg's on... (9 replies)
Newton's Third Law
Jun 10, 2007
... I made a post about being nausiated all the time and now hard to keep food down. I am pretty upset about it and yesturday I was really aggitated. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Chrissy Are you the one who advised someone on the board to check out the Hazledon website to receive daily affirmations everyday in the in-box, if so I would like to thank you for the great stuff I receive everyday, was it you? OK, now about your question, Meth is complicated, that's why I don't write about it, it's different with everybody, no=one is the same, some... (9 replies)
... Hey Chrissy... Sounds like your nausea could be coming from several things. What other kind of meds are you taking? I'm interested for myself and also could they be what's causing the nausea? I know that when I first went on Meth, I was highly nauseated! But I didn't have it coming off. When you said you got sick yesterday, what kinda sick? Throw up or "the other"? There is... (9 replies)
... Hello everyone, Thanks Mike for the input! I might need to ask doc an monday for anti nausea drug. I just want to clarify that I have never abused any of my pain meds! I always have followed the docs orders!!! I am not saying that my body is not addicted to the drugs because I am sure it is, but I have never had cravings for them! I hate the way that all pain... (9 replies)
... Chrissy: I'm not surprised that you have nausea. Although my drug of choice is different, hydrocodone, I had nausea during and after a hard taper. It eased off about a week after detox. I drank Kaopectate like soda pop for weeks. My wife had some anti-nuasea suppositories, but I didn't use them. I probably should have. Good luck and stay strong,:) Mike (9 replies)
A newcomer
Jun 8, 2007
... Welcome Jpipes, I was recently on Methadone but not for Heroin addiction. I am still in the decreasing phase and things seem to be okay. I still get nausiated and the fidgets but I have some non-addictive meds to help with those things. I do not know much about what is like for a person to go off methadone form a Heroin addiction, but I am sure that if you keep reaching... (5 replies)
... Hello Shay, I am still here. I am down to 10 MG's total of Methadone. The first week and 1/2 were about the worst. I still seem to get nausiated in the morning and after-noon. I get the fidgets and the shakes, but I have some meds that help that stuff that are not addicting. I seem to have a thing for sugary foods right now and that is so not like me. I am really... (3 replies)

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