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... NavalHawk, I am going to try and go cold turkey from Ultram, and was wondering if I should start taking ur Vitamin Regimen b4 I start so as there is a level in the body? What do u think and anyone else who has tried NavalHawks Vitamin Detox? Also, thanks to everyone for their posts it has helped me to decide to go cold turkey. (0 replies)
Aug 20, 2002
... I hope maybe I will have the money sooner cause Im sure I could use it NOW! I tried the pain mngmnt clinic for the clonodine etc... I was hoping for advise like NavalHawk gave you know viamins, yoga, meditation etc.. ... (6 replies)
... Salem, thanks i am doing pretty good i slept last night like a rock , and i stayed home from work and i dont care what they think , i did go over a club brothers house yesterday and , he just called me to tell me how good i look , and that the milky color i had is gone and that im glowing, ha,ha,ha, he said everyone misses me alot and he wants me to stop by the clubhouse... (29 replies)

Ultram addicted
Jun 6, 2002
... Hey there , i amjust a week off of oxycontin which i was on for 5 yrs , and ultram even though not a narcotic in opiate family is a different class of drugs which is like u said very addictive, you will feel same effect as opiate addicts do , wheening is good but for short period ,dont be ashamed its the dr's fault not yours i have a posting listing vitamins u could take for... (4 replies)
... Hey happy 6 mos whos better than u , i cant take a bath at work maybe in jet fuel,ha,ha,ha, no im ok but only had 2 hrs sleep because of cats scrapping in front of window which had me running around with my bb gun trying to scare them away, and i am not mean i love animals unless they mess with my sleep ! But i am truly happy for u and keep it up, got to go to work be home at... (29 replies)
... hey guys,like dawnett and navalhawk i'll try anything at this time, are you taking the vitamins at the same time as stepping down or while in full withdrawel. ... (7 replies)
... ht, or wanted to go there, or get that many mgs., but, believe it or not, I'm still in pain. I have no idea what to do, except to try the vitamin withdrawel that Navalhawk suggested. I will try anything at this point. ... (7 replies)
... First of all, going cold turkey from opiates is never a smart decision. You can have seizures and some folks have even died going 'cold turkey'. You should discuss weaning from the opiates with your physician. That is always the best course of action. Navalhawk, please do not type in all caps. it is considered rude on these boards. Dawn (4 replies)
... hi navalhawk,and yes i am gonna read your story on vitamins,but do you see what i mean already,,13 viewed my story but only u,responed,for that i want to say thanks,god bless (6 replies)
... There is a post on this board that was asking exactly that. It may be old now and far back. I am not only an addict in recovery but, a RN by profession. I, myself, take vitamins and herbs and did through my detox. I think your formula is awesome. Keep coming back,NavalHawk. Did you come up with this formula? I have seen questions regarding this very topic many times. (29 replies)
... Navalhawk, An addiction is a dependency on a substance.So, a Dr. may have put someone on drugs, but if they become addicted to those drugs they have become a addict.I can tell you of many people whose life in addiction started with addiction to pain meds. Denial in addiction is believing that you are not addicted,thinking it is not that bad, thinking you can control... (4 replies)
... Hey Sid,you should celebrate youve been clean for some time now,Damn its been a week for me and I feel like celebrating , you know you came a long way , taken that **** sucks and you know it stay away, I am currently struggling with withdrawl from oxy's and cant wait to be off them for as long as you are , remember your doing good and we support you,keep the faith and ,Ill... (16 replies)
... Dear Navalhawk, I know what you are going through , as I came off of Heroin, and that's the exact same withdrawel's that you're going through right now. I know it stinks, but hang in there. The Drs. will only give you what "they" think will help you. If you know of other meds. (and they are out there) to help with the stomache cramps, backaches, vomiting, diahrea, and... (5 replies)
Opiate Withdrawl
Jun 1, 2002
... You go girl,its 2:30 am in the northeast and Im on the same boat I also describe the crawling out of the skin problem, I am 5 yrs on oxycotin 20 mgs at 150 -180 a month along with 60 5mg tabs of roxicodone I too want my Dr to pay for my addiction with all the kickbacks by big drug companys, thats why we are addicted they have no care in the world what this stuff does as long... (81 replies)

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