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... I need help getting off Suboxone as well. ... (39 replies)
... that I was going to go off all pain medication and deal with the pain without narcotics. ... (71 replies)
... I have now successfully however painfully been off suboxone 7 full days. I am feeling about 60 percent better and thank the lord jesus, no hot and cold sweats at all anymore. ... (71 replies)

... It takes about, 8 to 9 days for all the suboxone to leave your system. That's if you jump off at 4mg. I believe it is something like this..... ... (71 replies)
... What an inspiration you are!!! 5 days cold turkey off suboxone? ... (71 replies)
... ad about taking the sub to get some relief. it's done and you got some well deserved and needed sleep. Now you have to decide what you are going to do as far as getting off the sub completely. the problem with taking a little here and there, it's going to set you back a few days. ... (71 replies)
... wondering how ur doing now i wish i was in your shoes right now, time wise im just about to begin getting off subox anything would help let me know if your still kicking see ya thanks (71 replies)
... ds to your feelings towards God. I think a lot of people have similar feelings as you... It's really convenient to believe in him or pray to him when you "need" help but then to forget about him when you don't..... I am sorry you feel that way... I hope he can find a way to shine some light in your heart right now. ... (71 replies)
... bird. It might help you to read it and see how I understand what suboxone is and does. ... (71 replies)
... obably given you your life back, and you have not used street drugs since beginning the program. At least that's the plan with sub. I believe that sub is used to help you transition from a life of using, lying, cheating, and stealing to a life where you can be honest, trustworthy, and begina a new life. ... (71 replies)
... YEARS!!!!!! My last dose of 1mg was March 2nd, and even today the 26th I STILL feel like hell!!!! Me personally I would NEVER EVER recommend suboxone to anyone! It is hell to get off!! PURE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought with withdrawls would be a week or so...WRONG!!!! ... (71 replies)
... just to settle me down as he was worried but.....told me both were addictive if taken for too long but he thought I need a few. He wrote me out a script for the Lorezepam and I only took it when I was absolutely desperate, like you took the sub crumb. ... (71 replies)
... re. I started shooting up OC's even shooting up Vodka lol. Got a DUI that day. I realized the track I was on would end up leading to Heroin once again and got on Suboxone at that point. I have been using Suboxone for over a year now and am in the process of quitting. It's weird and sad. I seriously use about 0. ... (71 replies)
... ebird and Sverge....maybe you weren't on the suboxone long enough to feel the withdrawls that bad. You were very lucky. I was on it from Sept. 2 to Nov. ... (71 replies)
... I've been on Suboxone for almost a year now. And 3 days ago, I just decided to stop. I was not feeling good about myself. Kind of shameful that I was using drugs I really didn't need. ... (71 replies)
... I feel for you. Here is what I can tell you. Suboxone is the new oxycontin. How do I know this. I live in the place the fishermen all got hammered by the dealers in black. ... (71 replies)
... arman i am currently in your situation, except my husband does know what i do and have been doing..ill break it down for ya.. im a mom of 2 WONDERFUL kids, a four year old and an eight year old. they both have lots of activities almost every evening, and my husband works a more than full time job with a schedule that sounds like yours. So basically i do most of everything... (71 replies)
... Subtrain.....What a great post!!!! It brought me to tears as I have just been through it all and it just reminded me of how greatful I am to be off of the suboxone and get my life back. ... (71 replies)
... I just went through it. Jumped off at 4mg of sub. I so understand. From your writings you sound right in line with most sub withdrawls. Although each is unique, the similarities are pretty common. ... (71 replies)
... Evan, I'm glad you are tapering down slowly, don't pull a cold turkey like me. The first 5 days were horrible. Truly horrible. I did hear that eating alot of fruid and vitamins, specially antioxidants will greatly improve the "purification" progress, so how about you eat alot of fruit, green tea and anything else that contains antioxidants. It's proven that the... (71 replies)

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